Funny question I though of about organic food

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  1. Why am I paying companies more to REMOVE ingredients from my food? lol.
    Obviously it has fallacies and can easily be explained but I still find it funny, it is an odd observation though.

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    For some reason, this reminded me of Adam Carolla's joke that Los Angeles is the only city where the restaurants tell you what's not in the food instead of what's in it :smoking:
    Depends what you mean by organic though. Chemical fertilizer/pesticide free?
  3. I find organic food funny because you're paying more for something with unproven benefits. Nutritionally it's no better and there's no good evidence so far that it improves your health.
    It's a scam IMO, it's a billion dollar industry.
  4. I agree and think it's a scam as well. I grow a veggie garden every year and always use ferts and insecticidal soap (if/when needed). I read the msds on anything I use first though.  
  5. Eat white rice, peanuts, and beans.
    Drink lots of water.
    And smoke a lot of green.
    You'll thank me when you're 116 and fucking a rhino's skull.
    It's like "Regular" or "Low Sodium." It costs MORE to add LESS salt.
  7. Because there's idiots out there who pay more.
  8. I am not a fan of having to eat food grown in animal fertilizer, full of bacteria and other microbes that make their way into the plants. I'd rather not pay more money for that and "natural" pesticides, a handful shown to be more toxic than artificial pesticides.

    The idea of organics is cute though. But fuck that.
  9. Most organic food utilizes pesticides
  10. Easy. You pay more for organic food because companies cannot use some of the pesticides, fertilizers, and preservatives to make their yields bigger and last longer.

    Because not as much food is produced, they make you pay more for it. Plus as others said there's a certain attraction people feel to eat organic
    I like the people who don't want anything to do with "chemicals." All "natural" for them, please.
    Yet the main "chemicals" found in commercial fertilizer are the same chemicals found in manure: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. They can vary widely in manure depending on species, their diet, bedding, how it is stored, etc.
    But with commercial "chemical" fertilizer you know exactly what you are getting, and you can buy the best combination for your specific needs.
    Yup, the "economies of scale."
    That is the reason why "Low Sodium" (that I mentioned above) usually costs more than regular. You're not paying more for less salt, you're paying more for "Low Sodium" because they sell less of it, so they produce less of it, making the cost per unit higher.
  13. Why pay less to support greater government subsidies that place upward pressure on your local food producers?
  14. you mean less preservatives? that what most of those shit chemicals are they just want a longer shelf life
    It's funny when people say they don't want "chemicals" in their food, and I'm like "everything is chemicals..."
    People bitch about preservatives, but I once baked my own bread, and that shit went moldy in like 5 days.
    People would bitch more if their bread went bad that fast IMO
    Probably the oldest "preservative" known to man is salt.
    Is it a chemical? -- I don't think so, it's probably a mineral.
    But it's still a "preservative," so does that make it evil? :confused:
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    Totally a chemical, NaCl is the chemical formula. It is an ionic compound formed from sodium cations and chlorine anions.
    Incidentally, both these elements are toxic to people by themselves, but when combined together form a substance critical to human life.
    It's a bit more complicated than the simple equation people seem to see as chemical = bad. :laughing:
  20. Its so funny because I have this exact same thought. I obviously know that you know more organic food is got at by bugs and whatever so they don't get as much and subsidies aren't given to organic products and all that stuff.

    It's just funny like you're being ransomed "pay us 20 cents or we'll spray your carrots with poison".

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