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funny pot names...

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by D.F.T. Blazzin, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. i was talkin to this guy and he said back in the day they called good bud Nolan Ryan cause it was one hitter bud lol...anyone else got got nick names for their bud?
  2. i just call it dogia or if its a strain designer dogia
  3. gonjarious rex dont ask we cam up with it while baked and i stuck, something elso thats funny i just learned is the phrase "high like giraffe pussy" i think that is so damn funny.:D
  5. yeah, that one. lolz
  6. I always liked "Wacky Tobacky"
  7. me and my friend have a codename for it. its ishkamama. haha
  8. Alaskan Thunderfuck has to be my favorite name. Some of the dankest I've smoked as well.
  9. Around The Dispenseries Around Here, Theres Some Dank GDP

    But I Just Call It The Big Bad Purple Pupil Eater!!

    San Diego Stand Up
  10. Haha when some friends and I were first talking about pot, we had a sub in that class who put in a doctor suess vid (the lorax), and we were afriad of being caught, so we 'adapted' to the surroundings.

    If you haven't seen it its about the destruction of trees and pollution to be made into all purpse things called barbalutes (made from the flowerign tree haha)

    so weed became barbilutes, I knew a dealer so I was the lorax (who 'spoke for the trees' in the vid)

    then we eventually got high and named everythnig doctor suess, so now my friends names are red fish, blue fish etc

    my pipes name is the oncelor

    one, because its usually a one hitter, and two, in the video the onclelor takes the barbilutes and creates huge amounts of smoke in the video. all the animals are supposed to look sick but they look kinda high actually...hmm...
  11. 'Spanish Trammpoline' -name for that mexican shit that somehow makes its way all the way up here
  12. i remember way back in high school when i first started me and my friend would call them DVDS, and be like hey can i go over to his/my house cause he has new DVDS :D:D
  13. I would have to go with Green Crack. First time i heard it, i was completely befuddled. Amazing strain turns out.
  14. It may seem pedestrian, but a band I was in called it Joey, so, if we were inquiring about availability, we could ask onna phone, 'Is Joey gonna visit?'.
    I know...not the most OMG-LOLkatz...so sue me!
  15. jeremiah weed lol i heard an old head call it that once
  16. romanian werewolf as my my john called it lol
  17. Big Bad Purple Pupil Eater
  18. hell yeah that bud had me trippin like kid with untied shoelaces!!

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