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Funny Pornstar Lines

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JordanR, May 25, 2009.

  1. Caught me off guard.

    Bree Olsen - "Fuck my p***y; I don't wanna be able to walk tomorrow."

  2. "but thats where i poop from"
  3. "put ur cream in my sweet P***y"

  4. Funny shit. Lol.
  5. oh my god. you got it in my fucking eye! get the fuck out!
  6. "but daddy"
  7. "milfs' is good for strong boners"
  8. from the most expensive porno ever made its called stagnetti's revenge (cost over 2 million to produce) with all the biggest names in porn

    captain while fucking jenna haze "thank me for killing victor stagnetti"

    same scene while shes sucking his balls "suck these cannon balls!!!"

    oh yea its basically pirates of the caribbean but porn i suggest EVERBODY watch it its so fucking funny the first 15 minutes make it look like a good family film...till the fucking starts....theres even a part where a midget buys a fat chick at auction for 16 gold!!!! its classic
  9. ^ holy shit my bf was just telling me about that :laughing:
  10. "Put your milk all over my cheerio!"


    That was one fuck of a movie. No pun intended. +rep
  11. "AAGH! What did you do??? What is that?!"
    Then she proceeds to cry and wipe the cum out of her hair. Hahaha!
  12. "I have to pee now"

    it was a forrest gump themed porn scene. after he fucks the girl he says that and runs into the bathroom. he also says at one point "jenny cant do that"
  13. Girl: Oh **** me, dude!
    Guy: Chicks rule my dick
  14. This thread has turned into something good. Keep em coming. We need CHICKEN in here. Post real life funny lines also!
  15. white guy - "you like that big black dick bitch"
  16. "you have the biggest dick i've ever seen a girl have"

    dont ask where it came from :/

  17. Shiiit man, thats good poosy.
  18. "fuck me like a Polaroid picture"

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