Funny Pic to look at when stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. I'll pretend I'm Jamaican.
  3. okay well i went online to find that whole food scene were he is naming the foods because that fucking funny and i ended up getting Gay Jetsons porn! What a fucked up world were a man can watch Leroy take it from Geroge! ewwww
  4. Yea, also his lil speech on how killer died.

  5. are you that retard smoking 2 bongs!?

    hats off to you my friend.
  6. who is that in the top pic? man id love 2b like that right now! looks as high as a kite! not bad lookin either! lets get 1 thing straight, im a guy and im straight..! ..dude, whats up with me..
  7. because i tried to look up "Half Baked Movie Script" on Google. Not quite sure how Jetson's porn got there.
  8. Bruer is the man, have any of you heard him on Opie and Anthony? Hilarious.
  9. My fav skit wit him was when he was on the best damn sports show period on fox sports network. It gave the 50 reasons why baseball is still a popular sport amung the stoners crowd.Here are a few
    What other sport makes sure everyone gets a hit.

    At a game, you don't get the muchies, the munchies come to you.

    I gotta dl it from kazaa or somthin now
  10. i <3 jim bruer
    half baked is one of my favourite movies. :) i haven't watched it in a while, i think i'll rent it again someday soon
    "u killed Killer, b"
  11. LOL i love the speech about how killer died.
    i also love the entire movie!
  12. i love that movie man, i own it and when i smoke we either watch the first half of blow or half baked, the ending is sad though, he gives it up but what ever floats his boat
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  13. hahha i wuz eating sum cerial and i saw those pics and i started to choke!! lol

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