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  1. Does anyone have any funny stories of getting busted by anyone or funny reactions to the news of you smoking? I have a great one:
    When I was a freshman in high school, I decided I had wanted to celebrate 420, and make it a memorable one. I had only smoked a couple of times before and was trusted by my rents not to do stupid (illegal) shit. So on the day of 420, I made plans for 5 friends to spend the night at my house, made sure my parents were gone, and was ready. 
    That day, the bus was stalling and wouldnt leave at the normal time, so me, my stoner friend, and my friend who had never smoked before, decide to smoke before we go home. Afterwards, I got a text from my mom saying she's gonna pick me up from the bus stop and then leave to do boring parent shit after. So I'm kinda faded in the car, and she doesn't have a clue, drops me off and leaves. My friend came over with a quad and we probably smoked 3 bowls, when I hear the doorbell ring. I spray vision clouding amounts of febreeze and get the door to see my friend and his dad. I start laughing when I see his dad, my friend comes in, and I close the door on my friends dad. 
    Fast forward, and I have all 5 friends over. We're smoking a bong in my backyard, when I hear my dad come home. He sees us in the backyard and nods at us, then goes upstairs. We continue seshing, then my friend decides to invite some girls over (for 15 year olds, they were pretty damn hot) but at this time, I'd never had any experience with girls, and just act awkward. So now there's 10 people in my backyard seshing, and we decide to go to taco bell. We get back and blaze throughout the night. Success. 
    The next day comes by and we need more weed, so we head over to one of the girl's houses. My dad drives us and makes me sit in the fucking trunk because there's not enough room (he's a funny ass guy). We hang there and get more weed, but forget to bring back a smoking device. So we go back to my place at around midnight and also run out of lighter fluid, so we grab matches and CONSTRUCTION paper and roll "joints" (mind you the construction papers are fucking orange). It's too windy out to get a good light, so we smoke 2 joints in my house. My mom comes down and asks us calmly if we were smoking. Me, the quick thinker, tell her I was lighting chocolate (we had a bag of chocolates with us and I had my lighter in hand. She looks at me like what the fuck?, leaves and doesnt think twice about it. Then my dad comes down and straight up starts laughing at us, as he sees the smoky room, our faded selves, and the burnt orange construction paper. We laugh along and proceed to go to sleep, kinda sketched out. In the morning, my parents tell all of that
    1. We're dumbasses 
    2. Don't smoke at our house, we're already cool parents letting you spend the weekend at our house, dont fuck that up again
    Gotta love mom and dad
    TL;DR Dumbass freshman smoke "joints" in my room, come up with shiity excuse and my dad laughs at us

  2. Feel free to post yours too, that's why I made the thread
  3. I smoke with my friend in another city, and his mother is cool with us smoking. Friday night, we decide to bake in his car. It was GOOD shit. We were smoking from a bong. 3 hits in, just a few minutes, and I was blazed and glazed. Suddenly the car turned into a cosmic space machine, and we were in space. I'm tripping the fuck out. 20 minutes later and god knows how many hits later, I'm out of my body baked. There was so much smoke in the car, it made us look like anime characters. And then his mom opens the door, didn't even see her approach, and the smoke rolls out and all she can say is "Oh my god, you guys are ridiculous!" And he and I just burst out laughing, we couldn't even stop and I actually started crying from laughing. Good times

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