Funny now, but almost a serious situation.....

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  1. Anyways... me and a friend were going to this theater to see a few local bands play, and we decide it would be awesome if we got blazed first.
    There was a really long line... so we just left, went to his car, and loaded a bowl in this foil pipe that we had made, and got out of the car thinking it would be cool to smoke in this little entrance to some building, that was obviously closed, but there was a light that was above us. It was sort of an enclosed area, leading to the front entrance of this building. So we look around a little and everything seems cool so we fire it up and start passing it among ourselfs..
    Then all of a sudden a fucking cop pulls bye right in front of the entrance:eek: . All we thought was holy fuck!!!,,, put that shit away.
    So i see the cop roll all the way past the little walkway so he can't see us(thankgod), but i knew he stopped because of the glow of his brake lights, and im searching for a good place to hide the wadded up foil pipe and im about to swallow this thing, and i see a little hole in this green door to the left and i drop it inside there, and we continue to walk out of the walkway and try to act normal.
    They of course are out of the car by now and approaching us from our right side. When we are in plain view, they say turn around and put ur hands on the wall, and we do so. As soon as they walk into the little hallway they of course immedietly smell the smoke. Then they continued their investigation by searching our pockets(we had left the sack in the car luckily) and looking around for where we could have hidden a roach or something.
    After a good 5 mins of them searching, they open the door to the little storage room with the green door where i had dropped the ball of foil in the little hole.
    After the officer gave it a good lookdown with his flashlight, he finally closes the door:D (SUCKERRR) and after another 5-10 mins of searching the officer asks the other officer what he supposes we do with these two.
    Luckily they didnt find shit... so they really had nothing against us.. so they say get out of here:wave: (so long piggy's) and as were walking back to the car i was like holy shit that was sooooooo close, but i notced them still looking around so i was like lets get the fuck outta here b4 they find that shit....
    So we make it out of the parking lot and everything was chill from then on out. We ended up joking about it and seriously laughing our asses off because we were pretty high from the few hits we did get in. Almost a horrible fuck- up but we played it off pretty nice. After we drove around waiting for them to finish up so we could go back into the lot, we pulled in and went to go stand in line. We are still talking about it jokingly and i think it was pretty serious shit that we barely got away with.:cool: :cool: :cool:

  2. hellz yea that would have sucked so bad had we got caught! my life would be over......but we didnt! piggy bastards!
  3. nice job keeping your cool man. i woulda just tripped and stood there
  4. illegally search and seizure right there
  5. Damn, yall got lucky. Thankgoodness I have never been in a situation like that and I hope to never be.
  6. if that happened to me, when the cop approached us i would grab a lamp and knock him out w/it and say to my startled friend, "i was scared."
  7. "i would grab a lamp"

    do you just carry lamps around with you. Im guessing there werent many lamps around them at the time.
  8. You got lucky as hell my friend.
  9. yeah you got lucky. But now you have a good ass story to tell for the rest of your life.
  10. haha yeah it is a real good one to tell when passin tha cheeb around.. lol.. i searched everywhere for a lamp out there, but i guess they had all alredy been used on the other cops that were tryin to bust ppl :p .
  11. yeah.... I just ran out of lamps. IM trying to re-up but my man is answering the phone. I hope no one trys to front. I get the best lamps from him (3 way bulbs). shit gets you lit up.
  12. Deff been there homie.

    Except cops always harrass me, Threaten me and the works.
  13. Eaten aluminum foil pipe... not so good. Nice save though... I hate cops with such a passion that it makes my bowels tingle. You sure showed those FUCK HEADS up...
  14. I hate cops (mainly for speeding tickets) but I use them to my advantage sometimes. MY neighbor let his kid ride a dirt bike on my street the other morning at like 9 on a saturday, and i had to work till like 3 valeting (sp????) cars. I got his dad a citation.

    Today i was playing disc golf and these mexicans (no disrespect) were at a picnic table that we kinda have to throw by so i told the cop i was scared of killing a little kid, and he made the move, he even flahsed the lights which was uncalled for but kinda funny. btw I choked on that hole and lost 5 bucks cause i was tied with my friend that didnt choke.
  15. Ahah as soon as we got in the car, the first thing i said was "deuchbag cops"...... fuckin hate them bitches.
  16. instead of fighting the system, use the system to fight itself man. I'm attacking from the inside. thats why i steal from wal-mart. (they use slave labor, and take over small towns.) There are THREE FUCKING wal marts within 20 minutes of my house. No joke.

    Im never gonna just hate someone because of their proffesion. I went to a barbeque at a cops house and they drink and hang out just like everyone else.

    Now rent a cops. fuck them. Im just trying to goddamn skateboard, you have no power over me.
  17. they dont smoke weed like us.. so therefor they are nothing like us.... but as for stealing from wally world im deown fo some mo rubitussin max. strength :smoking:
  18. i gank nyquil from there all the time. I heard they give you a lie detector test to be a cop of things you did in the past (drugs). so maybee they have never smoked pot. im prolly gonna be a cop if my college experience is not what i need it to be. I think its important to view things as other people we dont not agree with veiw things. I hope to be a highway patrolmen, they just drive all around and catch speeders. and most of the time they dont have to wear a uniform amd around here they drive mercury maruaders, which is a badass version of the crown vic with more horsepower.


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