Funny night in the Chi.....High

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  1. So tonight I was going down to this head shop called PaPa Smokes. Place is crazy! It's got some really cool shit. So anyway, I walked out with this cool portable bong "Just what I was looking for." haha I named it Batty Bong because its black and stealthy like a bat thus the name. plus its got a little ring to it :smoke: , Some coconut papers, and a little Cig hitter to put in my old dug out. So after getting all this stuff i go up to pay and the guy asks for my I.D. so i was like uhhhhhh... left it in the car? he's like go get it. Just as i was about to walk outta the place, kinda pissed because you know i dont have a legit ID to buy it with, the guy goes... you paying with cash im like yeah? He's like Ill ,"save you the trip... and they can buy it for you." Im like niiiiiiiice:hello:

    I'M HIGH AS FUCK:eek:

    -Respect to my CHI town Tokers-
  2. that happened to me so many times dude... i was so happy
  3. went to a store today in guelph(culture shock), im in milton. so its 2-3 hours we for our trip.

    we go, i get my difuser stem, and my buddy goes to get a pipe. you have to be 19 with id to use debit, but cash is ok otherwise apparently."you could screw me" is what he said. cash, no paper trail he said. lol it was halarious, i laughed, our bongshop its 16 with id period.

    smoked like 4 joints in cig looking papers on the way there and back. was fun.

    after we were done in the store, just leaving, some car right behind us gets smacked in the rear end because we all stopped for a red. we all got scared as shit, and drove off cause we weren't involved. the driver was scared shitless lol, i said it was funny after it happened and he got all serious.
  4. Seriously, who leaves there ID in their car, Lol?

    I live about an hour and a half away from Chicago, Represent Illinois!

  5. Yeah I live about 6 hours from Chicago. Represent THe Lou! lol:smoking:

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