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Funny mistake in pineapple express.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Highest Toker, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I know your tired of PE threads but didn't see one that pointed this out.
    Anyone else notice that the quarter of pineapple express that dale buys in the beginning of the movie looks like 1 or 2 grams?

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  2. yah when he said heres your quarter i was like bull shit thats not a quarter and yelled it so the whole audience could hear

  3. haha thats whats up, i would have lol'd if i was there
  4. i did the same exact thing.
  5. LOL, like every pothead in that movie theatre didn't know already.
  6. Definitely noticed. Seth got skimped.
  7. Except he was smoking on Saul's j's the whole movie so it's okay.
  8. this is true because that sack that seth was sold was taken out of his pocket when the lady cop searched him before the leg through the window. Saul was tight haha but he aint no Dante.
  9. Saw it immediately. "Only 10 more bones a quarter bro"

    He hands him a fucking dimebag.

    I remember saying "Skimped!" pretty loudly.
  10. ya, but, considering there was no actual weed changing hands, I dont think he minded getting shorted 5-6 grams.
  11. i noticed that the first time i saw the bonus extra on the superbad dvd. i was like "wtf" but i was so excited for the movie at the time i didn't even care.

  12. Maybe it was as dense as a fucking rock! O___o
  13. lol dale is a rook
  14. yea the whole theater was like .. wtf? you could hear people saying like. thats not even an eigth lol.
  15. holy shit i saw that movie so baked i was laughing hysterically the whole movie so fuckin loud and shit.

  16. saame
  17. yeah dude i notice the same exact shit. i saw it twice within twelve hours cause i was too high the first time. noticed it the 2nd. good find.

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