Funny mcdonalds story from when i was like 5 or 6.

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  1. So this one time, me and my mom go to mcdonalds, i get my happy meal, and then we go home, we get home, i unwrap that burger, i shit you not.
    It was a bun, with a slice of tomato, and a slice of cheese.
    Of course being a little kid, i could only comprehend this as the end of the world, so i screamed and started crying.
    Then my mom went back, and i got 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 bag of cookies, and 2 toys.
    Along with the original.


  2. Cool...

    I once ate some fries and then my mom thought they had jipped me fries so she went back and made them give me more fries lol.
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    ahhh i remember my first McDonald's burger. I was only 4 years old and i was at my cousins 5th birthday party.

    We had it in McDonald's. One of the adults said to all the kids got to choose between a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets. Now me being a chicken nugget man at the time i said i wanted chicken nugets. So by the time the food was bought to us all the other kids were given their cheese burger or there chicken nuggets. All the other kids got there food first and i got mine last because i was playing in the ball pit.

    The adult with the food said here is a cheeseburger for you. I said "i dont like cheese burgers. I asked for chicken nuggets" the person with the food said "well to bad, you can eat the cheeseburger." I was a bit skeptical at it about the time. But i manned up, I unwrapped it and took my very first bite of my very first cheese burger. I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!!!!! I will never forget that day. I have NEVER ate chicken nuggets since
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    Lol this is a masterpiece.
  5. my first burger story is very similar except i was extremely disgusted by it since it was my first burger ever lol.

    a few years later and a couple servings of processed chicken i got my first big mac.

    now i dont even consider chicken besides the occasional mcgangbang when im munching with 2$ in my pocket. lol
  6. yeah. i had a good run but i have stopped eating McDonald's all together now. I stopped at the age of 16 and now im 19. that's like 4 years now i think..... yeah i love the McDonald's food but it is to expensive for the serving you get and its just to unhealthy to be eating in the first place.
  7. yeah i stay off of the fast food unless im with friends who want it or if im on the road and i dont have the money to stop at a legit if im alone on the road its super gay to eat somewhere alone.
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    Yeah, its the drink and fries that get ya.
    1.00 for a cheese burger, but then 1.50 for a drink, and 1.50 for fries.
    And thats the small sizes.

  9. McGangBang? please elaborate lol
  10. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    only the best invention ever!!

    for this you need a mcdouble and a spicy mcchicken. (both on the dollar meny).you take the mcdouble and take off the top bun. take the mcchiken and remove the two buns. insert that in the mcdouble and put back the first bun. AND BAM! you just made the McGangBang!
    there are a couple of variants where you actually don't remove the bun from the mcchiken and just stack everything but for me thats a little too much bread....
    speeking of Mcd's I havent been there in a long ass time....speeking of mcgangbang is really making me crave it lol...fuck it i know what im eating tonight lol
  11. ^ ive been doin that for years haha
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    You sir are a genius, I wish I could rep you from this Droid app...

    Ever had a mega mac? I guess they got it overseas somewhere, I made one when my homie and wife worked for the clown.

    I love meat, but a lil too extreme...ill still eat one tho. Lol

    Google it: Mega Mac
  13. Whaaaat? Small fries at McDonalds are a dollar too.

    And I never get a drink. If I do, I ask for a cup of water and fill it up with w/e I want to drink lol.
  14. mega mac sounds like a heart attack
  15. I pee'd in the ball pit.
  16. I used to order the Happy Meals then say I wasn't hungry anymore and I would start playing with the toy
  17. happy meals are for pussies
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    Im sure it is....
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    Who the fuck are you to say something like that?

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