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  1. Hello all, I'm new and will introduce my self around slowly..
    Funny problem here...
    My small grow is...
    2x4 tent
    Solarstorm 440 LED 3feet above tops 18 on 6 off..
    Growing white widow.. Newly transplanted healthy clones..
    Fox farms soil 5 gal
    No nutes yet:)
    Heat 72 ish
    Humidity 40% ish...
    Very clean, well vented, and have grown this set up many times now..
    The odd problem....
    One plant seems to be allergic to the actually lays down by the end of the day, spread out on the soil..
    No burning.. No wilting.. Great color.. New tops growing.. No spots.. Roots looked bugs.. Ect
    Now the funny part is in the morning (after dark period) the plant is standing back up full hight, healthy and ready for a new day..
    This has been the same for a week now
    Ph is great..
    And the other plants grow normal ... Fun to watch but of course I'm worried about bugs and mold laying down like that...
    I have set it off the the side thinking the light is to much but no change.. I'm going to try an umbrella:)
    Any ideas?
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  3. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416533734.315244.jpg

    Wish I could get a better color but the LEDS throw a wicked light..
    The rest have taken off nicely..
    I'll try and get a pic after the light has been off for a while.. It's funny how it stands up in the dark.. I've got a night owl :)
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416533935.015810.jpg

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  4. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416572545.431703.jpg

    And here it is this morning.. Leaves are curled up a bit more the usual..
    But great color and no spots or burns... Maybe a salt build up or a random root problem.. It's been a week so she is stunted compared to the others.. I'm afraid she'll have to go...

    You are so open minded I should only think like you...
  5. Try putting a stick in there and lightly tie the plant to it, so it will grow straight.
  6. I got my seat and joints for this one, what are the strians?

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    YA I would also tie it up but all that bending is gonna help get a nice sturdy cola, at the end of it.

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  7. I also have a question! What sort of ventilation do you use to achieve those temps?
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    The more I hear about Fox Farms it seems some strains do not like it. That being said, so many variables. What is your water schedule?
    if it is falling down it sounds like root rot to me.
  9. I use two six inch inline fans. Both intake and out going outdoors. Both have variable speed adjusters. Keep in mind I'm also running LED lights so temp is not an issue at all.. I also use heated my heated floors to maintain a steady root temp:)

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  10. I think the leaves would just sag then.. I'm not sure it would help but I can try...

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  11. Def give it a shot, I've seen many growers do wonders with a measly stick haha. Best of luck friend!
  12. It is a white widow
    A little update..
    I removed it from my grow and found it a new home in a friends "easy lighted (t5s) veg/clone room..
    It's been a couple weeks and it still sits down during the day and perks back up at night.. Every single day!!
    I checked in a day ago and it still hasn't grown taller but has new leaves and is getting wider.. Very healthy looking.. Visual check and a sticky strip next to the root has turned up 0 bugs... I'm beginning to think it a white widow vampire...

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  13. Root something for sure... Rot? I'm not to sure it's still very healthy after a couple weeks..
    I am really starting to agree with the fox farms issue.. I have several other white widow plants and they kinda complain too.. Along with the WW I have raspberry kush and if I am not careful they complain about nutrient levels too.. I have honestly never had this much trouble before (other then being a newbi years ago) ...

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  14. Well, see, I am planning on doing a 300 or so watt LED run with just PC fans as exhaust. I need to build the new box before I can, but I intend to do both as soon as possible. My house is not sound-proof, so my inline fan I gave away was so loud the ENTIRE HOUSE would sound like a jet engine when I turned it on. /=
  15. Nice. I hear pc fans are very underestimated and work well.. In lines can be quieted with a soft pad under them and even just a card board box around them makes a huge difference for sound.. Also insulated ducting works wonders to keep things quiet.. What kind of LEDs?

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    Hang inline fans from bungee cords or rubber straps of some sorts, absorbs all the vibration. About as quiet as an inline can get. Mines right behind my bedroom wall and on full I can't hear anything. Even in my grow room all you can hear is the actual air moving, not the fans.
  17. I had a tange dream that did that. I just tied it to a straw. Stem thickened over time. Became one of the stronger ones strangely enough

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  18. That's a great idea, I've been looking around for something to put my intake higher in my tent.. I'll just hang it! Thanks 💖💋

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    mines outside but I've seen it done inside too. Works great. Let it hang free, that's a bungee cord that I bent the metal ends closed through the anchor holes on the fan. Zip tied it to the bungee just to be extra careful. My headboard is just on the other side of the wall and not that I ever have many visitors to my bedroom, but out of the few none have ever noticed. There's also a back up fan in my attic right above my bedroom hung in the same manner. I can run both with no noise inside my house. I do have a better thicker bungee on the one in the grow room. This is just what I had on hand and intended to replace....a year and a half ago

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  20. How's the grow coming along?

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