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Funny joke (must be high)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Codee, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. #1 Codee, Nov 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2011
    Okay in order for anyone to even slightly understand this, you must be baked out of your mind.

    A man is building a fire place out of bricks. It takes 100 bricks but he accidentally ordered 1 extra so he threw it out. The next day he gets on a bus. On the bus he lights up a joint. The woman sitting next to him tells him to throw it out the window. He notices the woman has a small dog and tells her he'll toss the joint if she tosses her dog. So they both do so. He gets off the bus and he sees the dog running towards him with something in his mouth....... It was the brick.

    Feel free to post your responses. Be creative. Who thinks they understand?
  2. The J was brick weed.
  3. i dont get it
  4. Umm dude..
  5. Lol it's reeeeeally stupid. You have to be high to understand it or even think its funny. Just find out how the dog got the brick. And no the joint is a joint. And the brick is actually a real brick.
  6. im high but i dont get it. care to explain the joke?
  7. [quote name='"MrBongToker420"']im high but i dont get it. care to explain the joke?[/quote]

    I will. I just wanna see more people give guesses. Its cool to hear what people come up with.
  8. Mustn't get it... The dog comes running with the brick the guy threw out the previous day? Why is that funny? :confused:
  9. When the guy is building the fireplace, he throws the brick out the window. The brick falls into a time machine and comes out the other end. The brick flies down from an airplane and the dog catches it in his mouth as he is flying out the bus.
  10. You got it all wrong. The dog is the joint, and the lady is his subconscious, and so when his subconscious tells him to throw the joint, he throws the joint (dog) and then the dog (joint) comes running back with a brick (martha stewart) in his mouth.

    It's so goddamn simple.

  11. what he said
  12. I feel dumb for not getting this. haha

    I dont get it....
  13. ahh yes martha stewart how in the FUCK did i not see it so clearly before?????
  14. I had to consult the village elders
  15. Can you say it now so I can do other stuff
  16. Can we get an explanation before this turns into trollapalooza?!!
  17. har har its funny cause the woman tossed her dog out the window
  18. Okay fine.

    The man's house is right near the bus stop. He was too high and he forgot to ask where to go so the dog just went through his trash on his front lawn and got it.

    It's really dry stoner humor lol. My friend who's completely shot told it to me. Doesn't make much sense but I thought I'd share it. It's funnier when you're high cuz it's just so stupid and obvious.
  19. its only better when youre high because instead of being like "wow this joke is fucking terrible" you can say "wow this joke is fucking terrible... but hey at least im fucking stoned:confused_2:"
  20. Just because you're high doesn't magically turn a story into a joke.

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