Funny Health class today

Discussion in 'General' started by coolalright, May 27, 2009.

  1. So today some lady came and talked to my health class.
    She was saying that dealers lace marijuana and it can be dangerous, I raised my hand and said "That is very unlikely to happen because no dealer is dumb enough to spend their own money and lace your weed and sell it for the same price, there would be any point in it" and she was like "It doesnt matter, most marijuana is laced with hardcore drugs these days"

    Hahaha dumb bitch. so fucking ignorant
  2. Ha. I've done the same thing. People are so dumb these days.
  3. She isn't dumb, she knew you were right... Hopefully.

    It seems more like a scare tactic. Kids these days know marijuana isn't harmful, so the only plan of attack left is the whole "laced" thing or to try to make stoners look like losers.

    Propaganda is silly :smoking:
  4. You learn about the dangers of drugs in 9th grade... I smell an underage kid here.
  5. You can smell em?
  6. You showed that bitch. Nice work
  7. You should of said where do you get off saying a fact like that to students? Where do you get this information?

    Sounds like a scare tactic anyway... What grade are you in??
  8. not always true, I took health when I was a freshman but there were a few seniors in my class who never got it worked into their schedules due to other classes taking priority, it was common enough that no one ever thought twice about them being there

  9. I say we give him the boot solely on suspicion...yeah. :rolleyes:
  10. You should've just went along with the bullshit and replied, "isn't that a reason to have it legalized? so it can be regulated?"

  11. correct. I'm a senior this year and you have to take health in high school and since I took the classes I preferred in earlier years im stuck taking health in my senior year, but at least I get to learn all this great information :rolleyes:

    and to anyone who said i should be grounded... fuck you... just kidding, but thats not cool to be a dick and say i should get banned before you know the story :mad:
  12. Why do you even need to say this? Is he hurting you. Obviously as he said, he is eighteen or older, but come on man. When people try to pick out underage people, it just makes them look stupid and immature. :rolleyes:
  13. yeah man i dont think he's underage. at my high school you had to take health and it can be taken any time you want. so yeah... +rep to you man, good job.
  14. I was also a senior health student. Except i had to take it both semester because i failed the 1st time lol. My teacher was cool and said weed wasn't bad though. He focused mainly on not boning whores.
  15. thanks to everyone whos mature above me right now lol
    yeah, we havent talked about it that much this year because my teacher has only been in class 3 weeks and the school year ends in 6 days. we just fuck around and do nothing, but we went to a meeting thing haha. i might have already said this but for the "slang" words for bud one was swizzlz, and another was purp'z. Also the lady was like "I think right now the most potent marijuana out there is Blueberry... or blackberry. or something berry" haha

    The whole time i probably seemed like a pissed off drunk who couldn't talk because the whole time i was shaking my head and going "UH!" to the people sitting next to me every time she said something retarded. After I spoke up a couple of time I just gave up, It was such bull.
  16. spreading lies through our education system... nice
  17. I love owning people like that, i feel so superior
  18. I just want to add...

    I'm not gona lie.. Back in high school my knowledge and my ability to put up a dominating debate about marijuana/marijuana laws was still at a minimal. I've learned so much since then and seriously, I would of had to be kicked out of the class because I would of crushed that dumb extremely ignorant woman who undoubtedly believes whole heatedly that she is helping children and educating them the "proper" way.

    I'm in shock that they're still using scare tactics on our impressionable minds of the future.... :mad:
  19. yup, scare tactics where the only things they used in the presentation. also with the STD video we watched (its really funny being a senior in the class and watching them talk about that).
  20. i wissh i could have taken health this year as a senior. i wouldahad some sweet conversations..

    "most marijuana is laced"
    me-"ummm my experiences prove that statement to be false" :p

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