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Funny getting caught stories?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420blunt, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. This is a great story, trust me its worth the read.

    As i am sitting here with my childhood friend. We started thinking about old times and this one time we was chilling in his room hitting one of our homemade bongs, and a shotgun we made out of a toilet paper tube and a socket (we called it the doob tube. Yeah yeah we where only like 14-15) anyway. his sister came in and started bitching about us and how we are stupid and that there mom was going to be coming home. we said "shut up bitch." and she walked out. mid session we where hacking our lungs out... his sister comes sprinting in freaking out saying his mom, step dad, and his step dads parents where here. now here's a little back story, i kind of forgot. his mom started dating this guy, and they where trying to impress there parents for some unknown reason still to this day. Anyway, his sister hands us two cans of febreeze and she runs back out trying to stall for us.
    Now heres where it gets interesting, I dont know if you have ever seen a Fat high 14 year old kid dancing around his room with two cans of febreeze and another skinny 14 year old laughing his ass off. but it was amazing, still paranoid and everything though. The smell vanished and febreeze saved our lives. we where still scared to go out the door to get the fuck out of dodge but we knew we needed too. So thats what we did. as we came out the door, my friends step dad says, "dont do drugs kids." Now, we are pissing ourselves and heading out the door completely scared. Turns out his step dad said that as a joke all the time and my friend was too high and scared to rememeber. a few days later, they found the bong and my friend got introuble.

    true story.
    now his whole family knows we are stoners and doesnt really care, they are still half serious but they cant do anything about it anymore.
    so anymore interesting stories?
  2. what did I just read

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