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Funny Fact

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fight no more, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. This is kinda lame, but it made me laugh. I'm reading the marijuana policy for my college, and I came across this:

    The Higher Education Act prevents access to federal student loans for anyone with a drug conviction, no matter how minor.

    Wouldn't the Higher Education Act want to provide access to loans for students seeking "higher" education? :laughing:

    Made me chuckle.
  2. That law is the only reason I'm careful when I smoke. They'll take your scholarships and shit if you have even like .1gs.
  3. thats bull my buddy does better on tests when hes high its funny cuz hes eaten his pencil before cuz he got the munchies so bad during a test lol good times in that class
  4. That's funny, I got financial aid and I have a poss. charge. :eek:
  5. Sounds like this funny fact may keep me from going to college...

    if I decide to go. I'd sorta like to, but...
  6. Fun fact: My dick doubles as a machete in dangerous situations.
  7. did you just finish watching "How High" by chance?
  8. Wait.. Is this shit even true? I know plenty of people with drug charges receiving aid for college. Does it depend on the state or is there some stipulation not outlined in OP?
  9. I can use mine like a lasso. :ey:
  10. Usually the munchies make you want something that tastes good. If he ate a pencil you might wanna take him to get checked out in the head.
  11. I have a paraphenalia charge (pipe grinder with a lottle bud in it) and i get student loans. Although im not sure i think they are alot stricter if you get financial aid whichis like free money you dont have to pay back.

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