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    Whoops, this guy must not have double checked his photo before posting it on ebay. apparently
  2. that site sent me a virus, thanks a ton...
  3. i'm sorry, it didnt send me a virus so i thought it was safe
  4. Nice one, post a link to a site that trys to give you a virus.

    To anyone that hasn't clicked the link yet...

  5. LMAO at the reflection.. Didn't send me a virus. Nope. And I have absolutely no antivirus or firewalls up.. So I'm thinking you clicked something else after you got there.. Even ran a scan before I posted this,, all clean..
  6. Ahh thats weak. Nice cut and past job though,, If you'll notice the wood grain in the reflection doesn't line up right.. Save the pic and zoom it you can actually see the squared edges where the reflection was added in..
  7. No virus for me...

    I'm tired of these fake-ass pictures people make. So lame.
  8. i dont think that picture is fake....i saw it a couple years ago in the newspaper or a magazine or was real funny that person is really dumb
  9. no virus for me
  10. I do graphic design, I can see the impurities,, trust me it's bogus..
  11. that is the oldest picture in the history of life iteself
  12. ubuntu. . .

  13. no virus here

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