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  1. Hey blades, today on my way back from work I was driving about 45 in a 40, on a relatively busy, windy road in my town.

    It was 10pm so there was only a car in front of me, driving about the same speed.

    Out of nowhere, some douche in a Mazda 6 passes me over a double yellow, on a turn. I got kinda pissed, so I flipped him off and flipped on my highbeams.

    He passes the car in front of me, and right after that goes by a cop going at least 75.

    The cop catches him, and as I drive by I tooted my horn at him as a big "fuck you."

    Any blades have any other stories? I was happy because the one time somebody deserved to get pulled over, they actually did.
  2. not while i was driving, but related to cars, once when i was coming out of this parking lot where i had re-upped, i barely had taken 3 steps when i see this turkey hauling ass on the road, with a red pt cruiser chasing after it while some guy yelled come back. it was pretty fucking funny
  3. on my way up to a music festival, i saw a yellow vw van pulled over not even 1/2 mile from the entrance to the festival.
    i'll try to think of some others today at work.
  4. one time me and a friend were cruising through a residential area listening to biggie's "gimme the loot" - i crested a hill and there was a cop in the oncoming lane just as the lyrics "oh shit the cops!" played.
    another time i drove to boston to pick up a friend from the airport - she had a late evening arrival time and it was delayed. the friend i was picking up was a medical patient here in maine (woman in my parents' generation) so me and my other friend (kushguy84 on here) picked up 1/4 for the drive. as soon as we picked her up, she asked if i would mind stopping at a convenience store so she could buy a six pack. forgetting that she never finishes a beer, i let her. we smoked joints all the way home (a good 3.5hr ride), and by the time i was in her hometown, i was fried and tired as fuck. anyway, i stop at a stoplight, in the left turn only lane, and didn't turn my blinker on because there wasn't anyone else at the intersection (it was a little after 1am). i pulled through, and no sooner got the blue lights...
    now for the six pack explanation - she was putting the 1/3 full bottles back in the carrier. and it got tipped over, but i couldn't really smell it due to smoking cigarettes and the alcohol on her breath. but the cop comes up to the window, asks if i know why i was pulled over, and asked if i had been drinking. i said no i haven't, but the passenger in the backseat has been. after which he asks if i don't mind stepping out of my car to perform some sobriety tests. i passed the standing on one foot and walking the line, but when it came to follow the tip of the pen with just my eyes, he had to remind me 5 or 6 times not to move my head. it was fucking hilarious at the time.
  5. That pen test is bullshit, I was sober as a bird and was reminded two or three times not to look ahead of the pen. I'd only had half a beer but he wanted to test me anyway.
  6. haha like the reverse alphabet?
    show me one motherfucker who can do that sober, first try.
    i fail to see why he should have been pulled over he was just having some fun... i also really fail to see why you flipped him off and turned your high beams on... you sound like the douchey driver.
    last week i was riding in my friends 240 and he drifted a uturn, turns out we were like 50ft away from a sheriff. luckily there were a bunch of cars at the intersection so the cop didnt see us (he had to of heard us lol). our but cheeks were clenching because the cop was turning into my friends neighborhood that we were also turning into... was funny afterwards.
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    you fail to see how dangerous a stunt passing a car on a corner is? really?
    edit - if i was in bp's shoes, i'd have pulled right over and told the cop what had just happened. even if i was high.
    does that make me a douche?
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    fuck yeah it does, snitch.
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    for a potential double post, i find this story humorous and pertaining to idiots on the road:
    the morning of my friend's wedding, after having a terrible trip 'cause i was losing a friend, i was driving on route 1 from wiscasset, maine, to bath, maine to visit my girlfriend before the wedding. it was like 5:30, and i was the only person on the road for awhile. but a big multi-colored dodge ram came up from behind and started tailgating me. i was going 10 over the speed limit, and there were plenty of opportunities for the asshole to pass me because we were the only vehicles on that stretch of road.
    so where the limit drops from 55 to 35 as you get into town, i went from 60ish to about 30 as quickly as i could without making noise. the guy slammed on his brakes, squealing his front tires and almost put it into the guardrail. right after the speed limit change is a restaurant with a big parking lot and two entrances, so i pulled in. he followed.
    i got out of my car quick, but waited for him to make a move. when he jumped his fat ass out of the truck screaming obscenities, i took two or three steps at him and punched him in the face as hard and fast as i could, like 8-10 times. probably broke his nose for all the blood i saw, maybe split his lip. without saying a word, i got back in my car and slowly drove off. i'm scrawny by the way, it would have been humiliating as fuck for that guy if anyone saw it because he was at least 200lbs. but he just stood there bleeding, thinking back i could almost swear i saw him shake his head a couple times like "what the fuck just happened?"
    moral of the story is, be careful when dealing with the public - you don't know what kind of day they're having.
  11. I fail to see the relevance.
    But I also fail to see how passing on a blind corner makes remote sense to anybody. Hence, the turn blind. For all you know there's already a wreck on that same corner that you may have to brake for, but let's just run around it as fast as possible and hope we make it out. Along with anybody that may be in oncoming.
  12. I was doing about 55-60mph in a 40 going to work(average speed is 55, it should just be 55...), bumping some loud tunes with the windows down and the sunroof open on a nice 70 degree day at around 1900 when i look to my left and its a State police car, with one State trooper in it. I almost shit myself, because i had gotten my first ticket ever after driving for like 3 years, from a stupid red light camera.
    Guess what he is doing?
    Reading a fucking book.
    I yelled at the top of my lungs, FUCK YEA BUDDY! 
    I was so damn happy, made my entire week lmao. 
    Similar thing happened on the same road about 3 miles before that, except the cop wasnt even in his car. It was just parked there.
    9/10 times the cops near me are either sleeping, reading, or eating. LMAO. 
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    Wait, what? Passing two cars in the night, around a corner, over a double yellow, while doing almost 2x the speed limit is ok to you?

    The roads aren't for having fun. That's what tracks are for. Endangering other people in public roads because you want to go fast is selfish and rude.

    He was already 50+ feet away when I turned my high beams on, so it wasn't dangerous, just an annoyance to him. Once he passed the 2nd car I turned them off.
  14. its not preferred but you were in his way...
    the roads are not for having fun and cannabis is federally illegal. ill leave it at that.
    still accomplished nothing... 
  16. I was going 5 over the speed limit but for some reason you're convinced that public roads are a racetrack.

    I spend a hell of a lot of time driving for my job and I can say that driversb who believe that are my least favorite type of driver, and the most dangerous.

    Drivers with that mindset are the reason I have to pay so much for insurance.
  17. Doing a blunt cruise while going 20 mph over the speed limit. Got pulled over and my friends were scared. Turns out the cop that pulled me over was one of my old friends. Soon as I noticed I got out and gave him daps and told him we were smoking. Grabbed the blunt relit it and gave him a hit. After he left my friends thought I was god
  18. This was just the other day actually. On my way to class I was listening to music as usual. Then the song sleeze by Knife Party came on. Well in the beginning of the song it plays the jaws theme song. Just as that started to play i see a cop pull out haha.
  19. Driving my friends car home, he's in the passenger seat and it is pouring rain and about 10pm. I'm literally in the middle of telling him I should always drive because I'm a great driver in my opinion. he kinda gives me the "yeah yeah yeah sure" mid way through him basically dismissing what I said I see a fucking mattress in my lane(its barely visible at night in the rain), so I dodge the bed and some traffic and was like "Told you I could drive."
    It was a weird night overall.
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    kinda funny, kinda sad story. my cousin came over to my house 2 summers ago to just hang out and burn (he lives a mile down the road) when he got to my house he gota call that someone left their keys in their car. they lived down my road so we went to drop off the keys. on the way back some guy stops really hard to pull into his drive way my cousin had to stop pretty hard and i looked over at him and said "geeze man i thought you were gunna hit that guy" just after i said that we got rear-ended and totalled my cousins 325is. He d just gotten a new head for it too. Cool part of the story:car was bought for 500, insurance gave him 4k. Uncool parts:the coolest car hes ever had got totalled, now hes in a 96 civix dx. also his dad paid the 500 for the car initially and was paying the car insurance(for all of the like 3 months before it got hit) so he took the 3500 profit.
    Side note: so the kid that rear ended us gets right out of the car and says "oh my bad guys, i was texting. this isnt even my car, i work for XXXXXXX garage and im driving this car back to the customer" so im guessing he lost his job. Especially since when the cops showed up he told them he was texting too (dumbass) so between that and him running into the back of us it was no contest who was at fault.

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