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    The day started off as usual as I woke up at like 1PM. After, me and my friend decided to hang out at the pool. We called Jimmy Johns and were going to order some sandwiches. We are kind of fucking around on the phone and I think I hinted we were going to smoke. So the guy is like have fun. We ask him if they sold apples (for a pipe) and the guy said no. Being funny my friend asked if the guy had a book of papers and the guy is like I'll give your number to the delivery guy. The delivery guy called us and is like what size you need? I'm like wtf? I said medium and he's like you new at this. He's like 2 and a half or 3 and I'm like 2 and a quarter. So he came by in these sketchy glasses and shit and handed us the bag. I handed him a $5 tip and walked back to the pool like a boss. The whole time me and my friend thought Jimmy Johns was joking but at the end when we dumped the bag we saw the papers and we were like :Badass: . After we got the papers we went to this pond near my house thinking that it was secluded. So after smoking some weed and me being a big boy I wasn't high at all. I saw a cop car and me and my friends left everything and took off running. We left the papers, the empty weed container and the lighter. We came to my house smelling like shit and out of breath. We still thought the cops were on us so we took off all our clothes and put on new ones. Now I am still paranoid. Story of the day.

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    Shit dude that's fucking service. You need to find out the delivery boy's name and smoke him out next time!

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