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  1. My friends brother works at mcDonalds and hes also a dealer. So my friend told me that if you call him up at work and ask to buy some weed from him, you go up to the drive through and ask for whatever and a medium drink, he'll know if its you and puts the weed inside the medium cup(theres no drink obviously) and hands it to you. Not realy sure how you pay him but w/e. But i wanna do that somtime haha.
  2. Sounds like a badass way to get some weed, i'd do it if you know he's reliable and all
  3. thats pretty awesome, I used to buy from someone who sold pot and shrooms out of an arcade.
  4. my friend did the same thing at dunkin donuts. i did that deal 3 times when he was at work. this is the exact words you needed to order a bad (always a 1/4 o) "yeah i would like a number 4, a number 2, and, ooooooh..." and he wouldnt ring it up, put it in a bag and give it to me. haha we still make jokes about it
  5. there was a KFC in webster mass that sold coke outta the window but they got busted... guess its hard to be safe when your doin sumthing like that, those guys need a lesson from the "cartoon network" guys. they did it right
  6. I used to move drugs through tim hortons like that..til they started countin cups ha
  7. There was a bust at a McDonalds here...the secret code was "I would like a very happy meal"lol
  8. Hahah that is a happy meal. :)
  9. LOL +rep
  10. haha. People have some balls man. Speaking of, my husband use to transport large quanties of weed in his ice cream truck when he was 17. He said he felt more safe about putting it in his work truck over his car. He would sell to his friends out of the truck too, but only to his friends. (or so he tells me hehe) :smoke:
  11. Hi little kid? Instead of this 2 dollar candy bar want a $30 sack of marijuana?!?! Good, you shoudl want it. Thank you!
  12. Oh man, what about the people who accidently said the exact right thing to get weed at the drive-through and then the dude gave them the cup and they gave him the money but he wasn't paying attention and they drove away before they realized and they went to drink their drink and then found the weed. That would be awesome.

    [Is anyone else amused by the fact that I wrote a ridiculously long run-on sentence followed by a very very short sentence? I think I'm a little bit drunk and maybe a little bit high still. :) ]
  13. lol Ice Cream man by day, Weed Man by night. :cool:
  14. They used to do that around me I wonder what ever happened
  15. haha + rep man. havent laughed that hard in ages. reminds me of me after a bowl and a bottle of tequila. LOL
  16. when I was in high school a couple of kids use to do that at the local mcdonalds...they got busted eventually but I went through getting a HAPPY MEAL plenty of times....:D

  17. haha thats exactly what my dealer does. Whenever he picks up he always puts it in a cup and puts the lid on it so it looks like a normal drink. He will be walking around downtown with tons of cops passing us and no one knows the difference. Its a genious idea. Also I thought of this... if you ever get pulled over always have a big bag of chips with you so you can shove ur shit way deep in the chips and the cops would never think twice about lookin.
  18. I just thought of something... how would he weigh out the sack at work? I hope he's legit because if hes just eyeballing it out thats lame.
  19. ^^ pre-weighed bags man...i mean youre getting a drive thru service, you cant really haggle about the amount. this is somewhat common in my hometown.

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