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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by devils42491, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. I remember back in school we used to ask our teacher like every day " what is your position on chocolate milk" because we were learning about nutrition. She thought we were serious every time. We eventually added in stuff like " and what is your position on strawberry milk?". and "how about banana milk". She would act like it was a political subject saying how milk is good for you, but adding too much sugar takes away its benefit. I uno i'm high and i just typed a novel peace.
  2. i think the best thing a teacher eversaid to me was at the begining of the semester in the first class... the first thing he says is "this class will get out no later than 4... so you should be home by 420..."
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  4. 2 things...

    1. its a weed forum, can we be a bit chill about posting mistakes, im sure some of the posters are high lol.....

    2. lol that teacher sounds like a major square, one day just sneak in the word haze like, ooo and whats ur opinion of straberry kush... wat?
  5. not really a convo but the first tie i went to school high there was an art lady guest speaker that came to our class to talk about her art and I farted really loud during her speach and everybody started laughing and the art lady gave me the meanest stare evar
  6. Haha, the way you word it makes me crack up. What is your position on Orange Juice? Lol.
  7. Before you tell someone this make shure you know where YOU are, this is Real life stories. so stop trying to make someone feel stupid, and just go sit down somewhere so you can quietly submit to your own stupidity

    Before you go off and disrespect someone, make sure you know where you are. You're at the City and telling someone to "submit to...stupidity" doesn't float. Trikky is just looking out for the City and his post is welcome here.*RMJL

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