Funny Conversation with my Wife

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  1. I have been married for 4 years now and I love my wife as much as I did when we were just married. I still do the whole flowers and chocolate thing and random trips to randoms places is her thing so I have been known to book a random trip to Sandals or somewhere fun but today I nearly died laughing. I walk into the kitchen around noon and im hungry as fuck and shes sitting at the table eating a big ass whopper from BK and fries and a big soda so im like hey babe wheres mine? and she laughs and says I thought you were still at work so i didnt think to get you some. so i look in the freezer and there is those premade diet food things you nuke in the microwave so I pull out one and toss it in the microwave. My wife is 5'10 and about 130 lbs and she thinks she needs to diet so she bought these things to help her out. She goes WAIT no! I need those for my diet" I look at the whopper and have to supress the urge to say well wtf is that? but instead I walk over grab the burger and walk off shouting trade ya! even she was laughing.
  2. Nice! I woulda taken the soda too
  3. Ha, well played sir. :)
  4. Haha , not bad. Not bad at all.
  5. i still hate you for taking my burger! :p
  6. yo does she blaze
  7. yup :)

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