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    last week my beautiful girl started turning extremely purple around some of her leaves, at first i was stoked thinking my random bag seed had sprouted into some kinda winner, but after a while i noticed the yellowing around the edges i started to get a little suspicious. so i did what i always do at times like these, and consulted my bible.:D read through the section on nutrients and deficiencies and it didnt match up from what i could tell. anybody able to help me out here:confused: more and more are turning day by day!?!
    ehem. this is her.
  2. just some more info..

    SOIL-it's in a potting soil perlite mix, not sure which brand

    ENVIRONMENT-it was started outdoors beginning of the summer but i brought it inside last month to extend the season

    STRAIN-just some good ole bag seed

    LIGHTING-600W HPS, kept 8-12in from top of plants

    WATER & NUTRIENTS- watered by hand whenever soil is dry 1/4in. below surface. just taken off it's regular schedule of reduced doses of beastie bloomz and open sesame, been about a week.

    TEMPERATURE/HUMIDITY-stay's 69-79*F, 50-60%RH

    CONTAINER-6 gal plastic container

    looks like some possible mite problems, and i got this one little bastard caterpillar i cant seem to find
  3. what color was the bud the seed came from did it have purple

  4. not sure. >_<

    inherited this plant from a buddy who had to leave for college. and i know it will be kinda hard to diagnose without a genetic history but that's all i know about her.
  5. welll thanks for the help ya'll. trimmed back all the sick looking leaves if for nothing more than more even light distribution to those hard to reach bottom buds. unfortunately the plant was already in flowering when i got her

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