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funny coincidence

Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, May 28, 2004.

  1. i was checking out snopes.com, a page full of real and fake urban legends, when i found this story of a guy who got decapitated by a fence. it says he was pulled over for narcotics around 4:30. haha, i bet he was toking up at 4:20. he jumped off the highway and hit his head on a fence. for anyone who wants to see it, check it out here:


    some people may not like the pictures
  2. i never get grossed out by stuff like that. i watched that Nick Berg tape, where he gets his head cut off...its supposedly fake, but it was still pretty intense. i rarely find things disgusting.
  3. You seen one you've seen'm all, i'm eating a bowl of fruitypebbles right now otherwise i'd take a look:)

    ogrish.com broke me in, they had that chris farley overdose on there all bloated n nasty. Havent been there in a while but it hardens the heart if thats what your into.
  4. i actually remember seeing that a few years ago.... the one where the guy tried to jump the fence...... its crazy i havn't seen that in so long.....

  5. ya i read something (wish i could find it) pointing out everything wrong with the tape

    ...ill just state the most obvious ...wheres all teh blood!?! ...lol you'd think when somebody gets their head chopped off that blood would gush out and shoot out like Ol' Faithfull.....
  6. I wasn't there, so I can't say if it's real or not. But it seems really odd that the body fell on that side of the fence, with the head stuck like that.. To me, it just seems like the body would have fell on the other side of the fence. Bad luck, any way ya look at it though...

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