Funny Close Call

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jtp2007, May 13, 2006.

  1. So to start things off, my mom doesnt know I smoke. Anyways, today I had to take my mom to the hospital. So shes in the bed and all, and shes all wired up. Well theres a thing that goes on your finger that gives your heart rate and you oxygen levels in your blood. 100 is the highest amount of oxygen and that is what my mom had. So...I asked if I would try it on and she says fine, but it doesnt matter because you dont smoke. Smoking lowers your oxygen levels. So when I put it on, it dropped to 99. I was like a geeze. My mom sees it and says uh oh. Then she looks the other way. As she is facing the other way, it drops 2 more to 97. I took the thing right off. Idiot move by me but it was funny to say the least.
  2. haha thats pretty funny
  3. ROFLMFAO!!!! I could only imagine getting busted that way. rofl
  4. Lol, it always seems to be the stupid mistakes that get us into the most trouble....
  5. lol

    it drops down to like 70



  6. Yeah. You have to be smooth to take it off and act like it was normal.
  7. Thats not really a close call since she probably knows now, and if she had the slightest suspicion before, then totally she knows.
    But thats a funny reaction with the "uh oh" thing haha.

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