Funny cl grow ads.

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    How do green folks,

    Many of you may use cl for things like ewc's and such. There are some real snake oil salesmen on cl. :D I was thinking it might be fun to show off the best of those.

    This one made me laugh, due to the Master Grower title.

    PS I meant to post this in the organics forum, not here. Feel free to move mods if deemed appropriate.
  2. not only did he really put "lol" in his ad, but he said he was writing that in a hotel parking lot?


  3. hotel room. ;)

    What's a 5 star clone? :confused_2:
  4. Dude was higher than shit when he called the paper/posted at cl with that ad!
  5. Hopefully they won't open a school teaching you how to bait fishing hooks......
  6. That made me laugh and cringe. :D
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    Okay, I'm procrastinating from doing the work I should be doing. ;) The offers for clones on cl are at least interesting. This is a typical sample.

  8. I wonder why Romulan is presented as a good choice for beginners? Anyone know what that means?

    If anything......

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    LD the clone ads are pretty funny, in a desperate sounding way. ;)

    Here is another amusing one. Spam links and tele number removed.

    Okay, bong rip then back to work. sigh
  10. Sound pretty cosmic - like movin' and groovin' to a moon-aged child! Is it 1969?

    Did I simply dream the past 43 years? One can only hope........
  11. So what makes a strain suitable for a FNG vs. another? Or am I about to get hit with another chapter of Stoner Science?

    Let me know........
  12. sorry, fng?

    fucking new grower? :D

    I've been told that some strains are more sensitive to over feeding than others. Sats when compared to indicas.
  13. Yeah - that'll work. It came out the Vietnam War - just replace grower with guy.

    Morphed into fanoogie (sp?)
  14. :D

    oh the hilarity! :) I need to reintroduce that at work.
  15. That's kinda where I thought it was centered.........

    Maybe Dolomite Lime would help?
  16. ow

    my sides hurt :D

    The myths! The stories we could tell! :)
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    Here, is a lot of keyword searches for $250 worth of gear on one cl ad. Why do people do this?!?! A key list at all, not why do they use a lot of them.

    Another favorite of mine is the often seen Raptor Hood. I'm assuming this was developed after Jurassic Park. :D
  18. Oh, LD, you are in a rare mood tonight. That one had me laughing out loud. :D

  19. Ow, painful memory, I fell backward onto a yellow tail hook one time...and did you know that to remove them, they have to PUSH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, then cut the barb off and pull it backward and out. So, to recap, thru levi's, thru way too much of my ass, thru the other side of my levi's...fingers and feet are nothing to an ass hooking!!!

  20. Hahahahah. Oh, you are such as ass!

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