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  1. When I was 16 years old my mom caught me smoking. It was totally my fault, stupidity that comes with your 16th birthday, whatever we all got over it, but it was a funny story.

    Well what happened was I was smoking out of a bong I had bought the day before. I was rippin some fire too, so I was absolutely stoned off my ass. well i was doing the standard bounce sheets in the toilet paper roll, but I wasnt covering the bowl after I lit it, so it was slowly making my room dank. So my mom walks by my room just as i flick my lighter, she heard it and started sniffing around.

    She obviously busted in on me and went through the whole I cant believe my own son would do this blablabla. The whole time I tried to defend myself or say something but she wouldnt give me the chance. But once she stopped talking, i picked up a nug from my tin, put in the bowl, tilted the bong towards her and said: "You wanna light it?"

    I've never seen someone so speechless in my entire life, it was great even though it got me into even more trouble
  2. lmao, thats great.
  3. YOu sir deserve a Stoney award for that shit lol

  4. funny shit. u got balls man
  5. well, i just turned 19, and my mom found out i smoke weed.
    i've offered her and my grandmother several times.

    not happening haha

  6. i turned 19 3 months ago.

    grandma found out i smoke... maybe 2.. 3 years ago.
    we smoke together.
  7. hahahaha, op, that's a great story
  8. haha mate your a fuckin funny cunt :smoking:
  9. hahah, my moms friend came over today and was offering me some nug and seeds next time i see her :hello:
  10. Haha. That's funny shit.
  11. Hahahah, how much more did you get into trouble for that?
  12. hahahahahahahahahah awesome.

    +rep just for asking her to smoke after her "huge" speech.

    hope your still :smoke:
  13. haha oh shit thats funny. sounds like something i would do with my mom, but then again she doesn't really care.
  14. Lmao, now THATS what im talking bout.
    Good shit bud

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