Funny bong story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by elektrabliss, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Ok this cracks me up every time I think about it. Me and a couple of friends were toking up on a bong at this dudes house. After a couple of bowls we all have the giggles. Now one of my friends laughs into the bong as he's about to torch it, causing water to shoot out of the hose and hit my other friend in the face! We laughed till we hurt and then smoked some more, then listened to opera in the dark. Well I think it's damn funny anyway! :p
  2. hehe, can't tell you how many times I've seen something like that happen. Opera in the dark... sounds like fun :)
  3. opera would just piss me off if I listened to it after smokin...maybe it'd sound cool if I was shroomin or somethin though.
  4. hhaha, thats damn awesome. Me and my friends always rock out to crazy shit whilst stoned. Bong water antics are quite funny when there isn't any harm done. One time this chump who smoked with me and my pals wanted to drink the bong water because he thought it got him baked. We didn't object, of course. When he went to drink it he forgot there was a carb in the back and as he tipped it back all the water spilled out all down his shirt and crotch. Hilarity! Hilarity I say!
  5. Yea....once while smoking with my friends little brother he got the giggles and laughed into the bong shooting water out the bowl getting all the herb wet and dousing himself w/ bong water. We said oh well and packed another bowl. Usually after gettin stoned we turn on some Phish or Panic.
  6. LOL @ all of those stories. Especially the first one. That was fucking hilarious. :D
  7. funny shit! yeah me and my mates always have funny as sessions. lol...the other night my mate walked into his house and his little sister had a baby-sitter and he said "oh hey mum" and started blabbering away to her, like it was his mum, it cracked me up when he told me. but he honesty thought it was her. she must have been sitting is he

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