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Funny Bong Story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jahwork328, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Well I'm a freshman in college, and I recently went home for thanksgiving break. My friends and I were chillin, and we decided to make a very large bong to commemorate our friendship.

    We bought a glass slide, some PVC (I know, gross, right?) and headed to my house to use my dad's power tools.

    You see, my parents just moved out to the country, so my old house is sitting empty with nothing in it except my dads tools that he is using to do a few repairs..

    We're almost done with the damn thing, and my DAD walked in the door.. I'm holding a THREE foot bong in my hands.. I've been in trouble with pot before.. so I expected to catch some hell.. We're all standing there with our mouths open, complete silence. Out of the blue, my best bud says "It's a potato gun!!" We're all like, "YEAH, a potato gun!" my dad actually bought it, and offered his help. Needless to say, we didn't accept. My other friend palmed the slide and we slipped out of there ASAP..

    We named our bong "the potato gun". Funny thing is, we could have bought an acryllic bong for less money than we spent on the thing, we wouldn't have been scared stupid by my dad, and it wouldn't be poisonous. Oh well, it hits great :)
  2. lol thats some funny stuff same thing happen to me and a friend back in the day we were smoking in my room my dad walks in a asks what smells i was so baked all i said was "fireworks" but lol he bought it.
  3. Potato gun!! Lol, I used to have so much fun with those. That was a pretty good excuse. I wish I could have seen the look on your face when he came walking in! :D
  4. i was makin a sweet mini bong out of a travel size listerine bottle and my mom found it. i told her it was a spit ball shooter. haha, its sittin in my basement right now

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