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    soo well me and three other friends were out blazing a joint in the woods and when we finished that one we walked ten feet down the path to a better to sit and we smoked a fat ass one gram joint and after that we were all sitting there extremely blazed:smoking:

    after awhile of just random stoned conversations one friend heard somthing coming out of the woods and another friend thought it was four people coming out of the woods with blankets on there heads (haha) but it was two moose a mother and a calf and we were all to baked to figure out what to do so we just sat there for like ten minutes with out saying a word till they left we decided that we should get the fuck out of there before they came back. but all in all it was probly one of the funniest times i,ve ever been stoned:smoking:...i just had to share this with my fellow blades
  2. hah man thats funny. tho you gotta be careful moose have been known to attack humans! but thats hilarious

  3. :eek:

    That's scary as shit, man. I was completely unaware. They're huge.
  4. yeah haha were sitting there blazed as hell and we thought were gonna come over and gore us with there antlers haha funny night ever

  5. As long as you can laugh about it afterwards.
  6. After about a minute of sitting there (if I was there) you'd all smell a horrible disgusting smell. That smell would've been me shitting in my pants from fear
  7. Amen to that, I'd probably be gone before anyone else noticed if I saw a moose.
  8. nah it wasnt that bad they didnt even know we were there
  9. haha thats cool. but seriously, i know moose can attack people, but also a moose with it's baby... VERY territorial. thats not something you fuck with. its very good that all of you just sat and stared, if you made a wrong move, well... four stoned people would be running faster than they ever have before LOL
  10. you know it !, but really they never even knew we were there it was pretty cool though to see a mother and a calf come out to drink and hang around for a minute before leaving again or maybe i was just stoned:D:smoking:
  11. Living in Utah I have wandered across a moose and her calf.. and it was one of the most amazing experiences.. They were down by the river and my buddy and I just got closer and closer till we were about ten yards away.. It will bring you too reality to experience this up close.. Nature is an amazing thing.. I'm lucky the mom did not get pissed and plow through me.. But they were very calm and extremely majestic..
  12. they came to you cuz it smelled the dank, and it didnt fuck with you cuz you were the holder of the herb.;)
  13. yess maybe i should have smoked some moose weed:p

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