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  1. hey gc. funniest shit just happened. I was out on my porch smokin a j. so i decided to take a pic of it w/ my phone n send it to my girl. heres the pic i sent to her.

    See anything wrong with this picture?

    then a few seconds later i hear a loud hissing sound. Im like What the fuck was that?! i hop up n was lookin around. I thought someone might b comming, so i reach for my joint n its gone. Im like now what the fuck. i then see the lighter.


    I was laughing so hard. I am sofried n the joint had melted the plastic and leaked all my fluid out... I was like damn, that shit could have blew up! so i picked my j off the floor, relit it with a dif. lighter n went on.
  2. thats fucking hilarious, u had to read it like 10 times though, i too, am fried as hell.:smoke:
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    You must be a beginner. Getting "fried" off that much of a joint, and feeling the need to take a picture of a fuckin joint and send it to someone. But I can totally see myself doin that shit too back then. hahaha, that's pretty good. +rep

    After looking at join date and posts, you must not be a beginner. I was justified in my assumption though.
  4. oh wow i thought a snake took it....

  5. At least I don't feel stupid anymore. I thought I was the only one thinking that.
  6. lol, nah, not a beginner. already fired up my bowl before the joint. I just like to mellow out on the porch while finishing off my high with a j.
  7. i thought it fell in between the 2x4

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