funny ass mark wahlberg and seth macfarlane movie coming out

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  1. [ame=]Ted Red Band Trailer Official 2012 [1080 HD] - Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I was pretty faded when I saw the advertisement for the first time, looks like it may get a few laughs :smoke:
  3. Looks pretty funny, I think i might actually go to the movies for once.

    At first I thought the bear was his imaginary friend. I don't know what i laughed at harder, "fuck you THUNDAAAA" or the white trash name rattle.
  4. rofl

    "Was it any of those names with a 'lyn' after it?"
  5. Meh, I really not sure what to think of this movie quite yet. The trailer was hit-and-miss for me(just like the new episodes of Family Guy), but regardless I still love Seth MacFarlane enough to go see this. Hopefully the funny will outweigh the stupidity(the non-funny kind, that is.)
  6. Looks like a rip off of Wilfred.
  7. Not really seeing it........ I mean I get the idea that the bear smokes weed and all that but Wilfred isn't his own character to everybody else. It seems like people interact with the bear and talk with it, the bear even has a job at a certain point in the film. I believe the fact that people other than the main character can interact with the bear changes it a bunch. Not saying they aren't going to be similar in jokes, or even that Ted and Wilfred won't be similar characters, but how they progress the story, and what happens to Ted will be totally different because of the fact that Ted doesn't need another person to witness what he's doing and he can actually interact with people(by talking).
  8. This is a live action Seth McFarlane cartoon, in movie form.
  9. ted is real
  10. Haha just saw this shit as a preview tonight when I watched American Reunion. Loved how it went from him as a kid to them on the couch smoking a bong lmao.

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