Funny anti-Marijuana video.

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  1. Is that a doobie? haha
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    i was like .. wow is this soposed to be serious [when i saw the people] lol man i couldnt stop laughing idk if it was just me
  3. A parody of an anti-pot commercial, warning of the violent and destructive effects of the drug on the human body...
    As seen in "Likehell: The Movie" ( (Co-written by the inimitable Ingrid Soderberg)​

    that was in the text box to the right of the video...
  4. ok dickhead i was watching it on a website so there was nothing to read about the video... just press play.
  5. hahahahahaha

  6. A: why am I a dickhead?
    B: how did you get the youtube video link without being on the youtube page?
    C: -rep
  7. was embeded on a website and i clicked on it watched it then went to youtube.. are you going to cry over a website...
  8. LOL. OMG I did NOT see that coming. Hahaha, that was some funny shit.
  9. this is even funnier ahaaahhahahah [ame=""]YouTube - Really Pretty Girl Doing Cocaine on the toilet[/ame]
  10. rofl, had to watch it twice. good shit.
  11. That's what she gets for sniffing coke off of something people's asses are on, idc how clean it looks its a toilet.
  12. What's up with the hostility? He did nothing to provoke you into calling him a "dickhead" and then you won't let up. All he did was point out for everyone that the video was a parody.

    Please chill out dude. If there's one messageboard where there shouldn't be flaming, it's here.
  13. Lol that was hilarious :hello:

  14. thanks.

    am I going to cry over a website? I didn't realize tears could go through a website. The amount of immaturity and stupidity you have shown through these past few posts is hilarious.

    keep em comin! :hello:

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