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  1. k well this happened a while ago, but i thought i would share it with you because it was fucking funny.

    K so my friend had just got a sack of some dank stuff so we toked about 6 bowls with our other friend who is new smoking (it was his first time) and we got pretty blazed. We decided to go to taco bell and get some food. While we were walking there (its right down the street from my friends house) my friend that was knew to smoking got really really paranoid he started saying there's a cop to every car we see it got really annoying. We finally got to taco bell and look at the menu. My friend kept on saying "MmMM VOLCANO TACO!" in this really funny voice. Me and my friend sat down while he was saying that and then he sat down and this guy take my friends taco and chucks it at my friends face(the one that was say volcano taco lol) and me and my other friend were like wtf? but at the same time we were laughing so hard(extremely baked at the time). My friend was like what the fucks your problem?? That my fucking taco! (but he didn't do shit because there were 5 other guys with him and they looked in there 30's and we were baked). We are 19-18. The guys knew we were all baked and they look like your typical jock, toker haters. Then they left and we were all like wtf just happened but me and my other friend were still just laughing.
  2. I don't think they were 'toker haters'...hell, I would have chucked a taco at your friends face as well. :laughing:
  3. hahahha!

    edit: soft or hard shell?
  4. im pretty sure they were cuz when my friend was like wtf! The guy immatated his voice in a stoney way... and it was hard shell haha
  5. Haha that reminds me of friday nights when I was a senior.

    +rep for nostalgia!

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