Funniest Vid I've Seen in a While

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by nirvana828, Apr 7, 2010.

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  2. hahha this is mad funny,
    reminds me of a time i smoked with this black dude, he was like 25 or so and a dealer, had been smoking weed for at least 10 years.

    and he had no idea how to smoke a bong lol

    I dont understand how its complicated
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    haha ive seen this...but part one is funnier imo
  4. hahahaha the first guy trying to smoke it like a crack pipe. "let me warm this shit up" hahah oh, lordy. that tickled :smoke:
  5. lol that's hilarious. i'm black and i smoke bongs a ton and when ever i bring my ROOR around my other black friends they look fucking perplexed! its too funny:bongin:
  6. haha yeah man almost every black person I have ever met in my entire life that smoked preferred smoking a blunt as opposed to a glass piece/bong.

    Once I convince them its a better way to smoke, they usually don't understand how to and I can see why because I had no clue how to even hit a bowl the first time I smoked!
  7. haha great vid. best part for me other than dude "warmin that shit up" the fact of that they were smokin out of bings and they couldnt clear it. haha
  8. lmfao. Im black. The first time ive smoked weed was from a Roor. Loved it and now I have a small glass collection. i roll a blunt like twice a month.

    i actually invited a 'hood' friend over for a smoke session with my bong. He tried to drink it.

  9. Lmao ahahahahahahaha! Thats hella funny man.
  10. wtf that mini bong is like the volume of half of one of my lungs how could they not clear that lol thats like a blunt hit
  11. I was like what in the fuck is this guy doing to the bong.

    I had more smoking experience than that when i was 15

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