funniest thing you ever said while playing a video game

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Ouroboros, May 10, 2010.

  1. "wtf dude, you just kicked a girl"
  2. "fuck that shit i'm going home."
  3. i remember playing halo co-op with my friend and there was plasma shit flying around everywhere and when it flew by your head it made a sissling noise and we used to go , " ohhh shit dat spicy plasma" while hitting the vape
  4. Why does Link always have to put pussy on a pedestal like that?
  5. "Did masterchief rape cortana?"
  6. I said this while high, "I'm floating on a magic carpet."
  7. Me and my friend sang rick astley down the microphone for an entire game of halo if that counts?
  8. duck my suck.

    blelble (needed some lowercase stuff so that grasscity wouldnt change it for me)
  10. this is really horrible to say....

    my friends and I were playin halo deathmatch and he got 31 kills in a row and said "cho seung yueh spree"

    I know its horrible, but alot of us kinda cracked a bit, we were high X.x
  11. I feel so bad laughing at this

    playing saints row 2 online with a bunch of kids i said "that kill didnt count i was hittin the bong" they said "why are you playing drums?"
  12. "you're gonna take the cake, its yours man"

    "no dude, don't you know? there is no cake"
  13. I said dad?
  14. I like to talk like a ghetto brotha when I play search and destroy. So I was high as hell making shit up and I got a claymore kill and I said "Oh bruh you jus got hit wid da shaclay-clay". Everyone just busted out laughing ha.

    my friend just keep saying that and I burst up into laugher while he was playing Halo
  16. Oh also when i was playing search and destroy on mw2 and zoned out completely and was the last one there was only one opponent and i was camping by the target he planted the bomb at the target i was facing he turned around and shot me in the head. won the game 4-3 Then some was bitching telling me how much i suck, i just said "dude what just happened?" the kill cam explained every thing :D.

  17. i dont get it
  18. "Hey who's Mike Hock?!"
    "Oh... Shit"
  19. "shit shat what was that? Shit shat mcgat" don't even ask

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