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Funniest Thing While You Were High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WeedIsland, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. What was the funniest thing you have done while you were high?
  2. what if i was high and drunk? go into a fight with a traffic barrel hahaha
  3. I stood in front of the mirror and self-reflected for 2 hours.

  4. idk about 2 hours but I've been there
  5. One time I was at a party and was smoking with this chick, we were sooo stoned and a little drunk and someone went to pass us a bowl for the bong. She went to grab it and then stopped because she saw me going for it. When I was about to grab it I thought she was going to get it so I put my hand back down.

    Long story short we sat there for like a minute constantly going to grab the bowl then putting our hand down because we thought the other was grabbing it. Oh my.
  6. Mine isn't as good as fighting with a traffic barrel. But A couple days ago I smoked some bowls with my water bottel gravity bong with some friends and one of them had the idea to get out my laptop and record it for a youtube video (I really don't know why) So we did that and there was like 10 minutes of us smoking and talking before it kicked in and one of them started singing and I started dancing and I knocked over my gravity bong and it spilled on my laptop and fried it. We all laughed so hard untill me realised what happened. But I got the laptop working again and tried to recover the videos but they got cut off when the laptop shorted out.
  7. I got another one i told a narcotic detective to "shut the fuck up" when he was questioning me and he did hahaha
  8. Here's a couple stories of the funniest shit I've ever seen while I was high..
    1. I was smoking with my friend and his sister out of a bong. We smoked like 1/8 of dank and my friend was flapping his arms quacking and laughing and his sister was laying on the ground looking at the fan laughing her ass off. Just had to be there because he's normally a quiet kid but he was going fucking crazy.
    2. Another time we smoked 1/8 of Hindu Kush with 2 other friends.. We had to go get some pizza for my friends family and we ended up taking like 2 hours haha but my friend walks up to the first place and they're like were closed sorry sir and my friend is like give me a pizza you pussy fuckers! Then he just starts laughing, screams cops, and starts running when there was clearly no cops anywhere.
    3. The same kid^^ stopped a ceiling fan 3 times with his hand screaming this is jackass.

    Personally, the funniest thing I've ever done was set myself on fire.. Yeah it was some dank shit and then I decided to start a bonfire with gasoline and a zippo lighter..
  9. I've smoked with a blind guy before..more interesting than funny.
  10. So I was chillen outside of this liquor store, when I was really blazed. My friend was getting some food inside, and I just wanted to chill outside and watch the sky or something. So as my friend is walking out, this guy comes over while he's pushing a shopping cart. He looks us both in the eye, and literally does a bunny hop with the shopping cart, while yelling "bunny hop" in the funniest voice imaginable. He must have know we were high and was just fucking around. It was the most random shit I have ever seen. Me and my homie were dying of laughter.

  11. yea, I will have to say that staring at yourself in the mirror has to be the weirdest thing when you are high
  12. I remember this one time I was smoking with this chick at her place. She took a massive rip from her bong that was too much for her to clear and she passed it to me telling me to "hit this." I misheard her and thought she said "read this" (I thought she was telling me to read this quote on a page of a book she had.) Midway through reading it, I noticed that the chamber wasn't cleared, and realized that she was telling me to clear it instead of read the quote. XD
  13. I stare into the mirror trying to look at myself in the eyes of the reflection of my eyes. I dont know man.
  14. I was smoking at this chicks house with one of my friends and there was this guy there that had a hardcore spanish accent. This other dude was there talking to the spanish guy but he couldn't understand shit he was saying. The spanish guy was asking the other guy for water but the other guy thought he was asking for shot lol I have no idea why. So for like 10 minutes the spanish guy was asking for water then the other guy came back with a shot of jack and gave it to him. It was fucking hilarious cause this dude didn't expect that shit at all when he drank it and he got all grossed out. This guy was super feminine so the way he reacted was what made us laugh lol

    My friend and me couldn't help but to laugh our ass off, but that made everything awkward cause I didn't know anyone there but my friend and that girl. I thought that shit was so funny though lmao

    Idk it was a you had to be there moment haha and sorry if this makes no sense cause im pretty baked :smoking:
  15. me and grosfrag were cooking food in the kitchen and wernt talking about anything, next thing we looked at each other and burst out laughing for no reason at all and didnt stop for like an hour! so random but so funny!
  16. Took some videos of some of my toking group once. Went for ages and during one part my camera-happy friend filmed a mini bear grylls episode ahaha.
  17. way back in the day my old friends and i used to get so fucking baked. i was so high once i kept telling everyone i was in the fourth dimension because gravity kept pulling me toward the wall. and we were all laughing so fucking hard.

    one time i was chillin with my ex, my friend, and this fat kid, in my friend's room. and he got a boner and decided to tell everyone
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    Ok, so me and my friend go to the same college, we happened on this night to walk to the edge of campus to smoke a few blunts. We go to this little woods area, smoke for about an hour, and start walking back to my dorm. We get into the main part of campus, its like nine at night but it was a thursday so all the fucking business majors were going out partying that night, so lots of ppl around. As were walking, i glance to my side and see, to my surprise, a large hotdog shivering next to a tree. I of course do a double take. Still there. A second time. Still there. (To my friend) Look man, idk if im hallucinating or not but theres a giant hotdog by that tree. A third time, still just me. Hotdog has turned around, has eyes and is standing perfecty still staring me down. My friend finally looked because at that point I yelled and started running, but at that point the man hotdog started to speed walk chase us, looked exactly like a fucking creeper from minecraft if you understand what that looks like.Also, no one else was fucking reacting to the hotdog chasing us....just me and my friend. But ya, it hilarious afterwords...but during....i thought my time had come
  19. Me and a few friends went down to the neighborhood pool, and the maintenance guy looked just like Steve Jobs. He came over and asked if we knew why the pool was always so cold. We gave him a pretty decent answer, and he said, no it's because, and then repeated our explanation. I was fucking dying.
  20. When I smoke my wife gets high. Thing is, she doesn't smoke. It just seems to kind of effect her when I get stoned. More weird than funny, unless you look at her.

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