funniest thing while driving blazed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by random_man, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. is when you are blazin and then you see a flashing construction sign "SLOW DOWN.....MANY WRECKS AHEAD":D
    I was laughing soo hard
    and when while my friend ran to take a picture I lit up a sorry excuse for a joint
    Ill have some pics of the sign out soon:smoke:
  2. man idk why but that reminds me, i just read some shit about people messing with signs and making them say stuff like

    "Slow down...ZOMBIES ahead!" or "CAUTION, RAPTORS AHEAD RUN"

    funny stuff man
  3. dude for real?
    where do you live
    cuz my friend said that they announced it on the news in mansfield tx
  4. That zombie one was cool.
  5. I almost hit a parked car on the way out from starbucks, I had like a bowl of WW so i fucked up!
  6. fuck I can one up ya
    I almost backed into a suv that was pulling into a parking lot behind me
    I thought I could make the u but then I saw the truck
    I barly got out of that with out bumping
    but I deffinantly learned my lesson
    dont back up in the intrance to a parking lot
  7. My friend was blazed, and it was 4th of july, and there was alot of people where we left. Cars parked on roads everywhere. One dumbass was parked halfway on the road, and my friend *though* he had clearance, and BAM. We were all high and panicking, then we see our mirror is busted. Then we noticed the other guys mirror wasn't damaged, because his was stationary, and ares bent... lol

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