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Funniest stoner moments?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, May 15, 2011.

  1. Whether or not you are a stoner, do you have any stories that you remember with great fondness while (at the time) high?

    Yesterday, me and a new smoker bought $40 worth of Maui Wowie (really good shit) buds. We decided to smoke right after and brought along a good friend of mine who was sharing a joint with me. Anyway, we went up to the woods behind our dorm building and smoked in a relatively out-of-sight area behind a tree (it was about 9:00 PM). We got pretty high, but not too much.

    Anyway, we were walking back until we noticed a couple of walkers coming our way. My buddy (the most experienced smoker among us) told us to walk further the opposite way down the path to make it seem like we weren't rushing to get anywhere. So, we walked for like a half mile until we reached a cliffside ledge, where we decided to stop and act like we were taking in the scenery.

    All the way up until this point, my friend told me and the new smoker to not say anything, and allow him to be the one talking, as he could make it look like we were sober. However, just as the walkers passed, he said to us (with red eyes and trembling hands) "I'm sure glad spring is almost here." He said this on May 13th, the day at the end of the Spring period.

    It might not seem so funny when read; however, the tone of voice that he used combined with the unfortunate error in his speech totally blew our cover, but it was hilarious. The joggers glanced back and grinned before continuing to walk.

    When we got back, he confessed that he was blazed and ate three brownies.

    Good times :smoke:
  2. hahah that's pretty funny. fumble!

    anyways, once i came in to an exam pretty baked, and i noticed my professor (somewhat hot) had dyed her hair, so i started hitting on her right in class. she seemed flattered
  3. Once two friends of mine and myself were hotboxing in a car and it was my turn to take a hit off the bowl. Note: This bowl is very small; not your average size. Anyhow I decided to attempt to take a large hit by inhaling, then exhaling some through the side of my mouth while my lips were still on the mouthpiece, then inhaling more, and so on. Well by this point in time i was already high so not thinking correctly i took my lips off of the mouth piece and blew. The bowl was about cashed so the ash from the top flew EVERYWHERE. As i was taking the hit both of my friends were directly in front of me in the front seats so they didn't get any ash on them, but they both (including myself) jumped out of our seats. To add to that, the car was a sports car so it was a small roof. As we all jumped, startled by the incident, we all managed to bang our heads on the roof of the car. It was a mixture of confusion, some pain, and sorrow for accidently blowing ash all over my friends car. Thankfully my friends were cool about it but we all had a good laugh. Good times, good times.
  4. post a pic of your prof
  5. Not the best, but one time I was by myself going to see a movie. The way they set it up, right where you get the ticket stub torn of there's a theater room on each side, then a long hallway which splits like a "T" and rooms on along that hallway.

    Anyway, the usher tears my ticket hands it back and says "There on your right" or something to that effect. Every time I've been to this theater, I've been to one of the farther rooms, so I just went by habit and kept walking.

    The guy doesn't miss a beat, and quickly says " You just walked past it, by the way.":rolleyes:

    I quickly saw thanks and avoid his gaze. :smoke:

    Another time at a different theater ( this one you walk up stairs to a large rectangular room, with theaters on all sides then the usher takes your ticket at the top) I was supposed to go to the theater behind me, but I started to walk into one of the ones infront...

    Usher caught me just in time. :D
  6. Me and my buddy were eating out of a tray full of BBQ chicken. He grabbed a new piece and raised his hand too fast and hit the bottom of the cupboard. The chicken flew out of his hand and landed back in the tray but he just stared at his hand with a confused look. He stood there for a min like he was waiting for the chicken to return to his hand. I laughed my ass off for about an hour...
  7. Okay so this was my second time smoking. I sat down with my friends and his parents and had 3 bowls of mids. Once we were done, i had 2 pee! So i went into the bathroom and locked it. Mind you, the door handle and latch had a towel around it to keep it closed I took my glorious piss. Washed my hands. And tried to go out of the door. I couldn't get out!! I pulled as hard as i could!! and there was no way of getting out. I text'd my buddy and told him i'm locked in the bathroom, come get me!! I heard him laughing in the living room, and noticed the lock on the bathroom door was locked.. unlocked... walked out.. and that's the story i hear everytime we blaze lol.

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