Funniest site ever

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    I can't tell if this is a serious website or not. It's hilarious even if you don't need the help -- just they way they phrase things is funny. Be sure to check out "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot" and "How to Suck Your Own Dick". The illustrations are killer.
  2. lol

    i'll check it out

    and your sig is too big man
  3. shouldnt this be in the sex and relationship forum
    just me lol
  4. lol haha
    there one said
    how to suck your own dick
    that is just fuckin gross

    that site is just fucked up
  5. [​IMG]

    LOL how can you not find that picture funny.

    And yeah, my sig is a little big, i'll shrink it down a little
  6. haha what an awesome site, full of very insightful information!!!!!
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  7. that doesnt work, even with my 16'' penis.

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