funniest shit you've ever said stoned...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ::amateur::, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. lol.. too many to count.. i think i'll have to share what my best friend did.. it may take a little explaining..

    me and her like to joke around.. just like say stupid shit like "i'm fried like chicken" or "baked like a potato".. so one day, nickie was all alone.. smokin a bowl.. and she straight says to herself "i'm baked like fried chicken".. lol.. i thought it was damn funny..

    you guys got any? please share.. :)
  2. i usually have a hard time talking period i reverse whole sentences and not notice
  3. "dude," "hella," "right on" all become frequent words in my vocabulary when stoned, but i can't remember any specific examples at the moment :D
  4. a friend meaning to say "have you any money for the bus": have you got any mus for the bunny?

  5. That's a spoonerism
  6. One time I was making fun of my friend and she was like "whatever fuck you" Like fuck you was my name or something. One time she called me a pussy whipped sheep fuck, I laughed forever.
  7. I once said my favorite colour was four......fucking crack up
  8. ...
    yup i have the same problem....SEVERE COMMUNICATION BRAKEDOWN!!!!
  9. I started freestyling once when i was stoned...but it came out all messed up and sounded hilarious. My friends were cracking up..

  10. My words always get messed up after a hard day of grillin'. It usually only lasts a couple of days though.

    Does anyone else get that?

    Or like it feels like the grounds moving when you walk?
  11. I started talking all biblical and shit once.

    Like with thou and thee and wierd names.
  12. I say "Damn the bad luck" When ever i'm stoned. It doesn't matter if the conversation is good or bad either!
  13. i thought it stunk like weed in the fridge, so i told eveyone that "it smells like michael jackson up in this bitch", as in MariJuana MJ, get it michael jackson..i thought i was so slick, my friends and i almost suffocated laughing
  14. damn i gotta hang out with you people..make me look goo. crack me upo!

  15. why on earth would you ever want to look like goo??
    like that slimey stuff or what?
  16. I always excessively use words I usually don't use sober and look like a monosyllabic fool. I'll just reply to everything we "sweet", "damn", etc.
  17. Hmmm........ he accidently called it a parking spot what a comedian ;)
  18. One time my friend said he was as high as a birds dick, what a retard.
  19. Hehehe In The town I used to live in people from different places would come down for the summer, There for we met a lot of new people. I don't know Why but I just met this straight edge chick . and tried to introduce her to my bud buddy Ja' I said " and this is Jason the smoker of weed the climber of trees the poop scooper of the local zoo wher the flying monkeys live and mate with donkeys.

    I have no idea where it came from I get I was just way to messed up...there isn't even a zoo in that town.
  20. Well, the funniest thing I ever said wasn't when I was high, but when I was dexing:

    "My teeth are turning colors"
    "I've had enough of this popsicle stand!"

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