Funniest shit you ever seen

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ninjaballs, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So in my junior year i was chillin in class, and i sat across a table from this black guy, john. He doesnt give a fuck and hes always fuckin around. Well this day he was leaning back in his chair and kind of bending it. I look up and suddenly the chair breaks and he falls on his ass!

    Happened again. senior year. I was in art class again and this crazy chinese dude sat across from me. He must have weighed like 230. Well i hear a scraping sound, i see him getting lower and lower, then the chair gave out and he just fell. I saw it coming and was pretty much laughing my ass off before he hit the ground. Haha then i went home and got stoned.
  2. when kids used to pull chairs out from under someone before they sat down, i accidentally did it to a retard once lmao.

  3. I have a story quite similar to this. It was back in 6th grade and we had tables that were two trapezoids put together to form a hexagon, six people sat at them. Anyways, I was watching my friend lean back in his chair at one of these tables when he suddenly fell back and grabbed the table on the way down. This caused one of the trapezoid tables to fly up and smack the person in the face sitting next to him.

    Honestly, it was hard to believe it happened and I was there haha. The kid sitting next to him was quite lucky not to break his nose. I always think of this when I hear a story/see someone leaning back in their chair. Oh the memories from middle school...

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