Funniest shit just happend. Involves. Dad, Fire Alarm, Donuts, Pot.

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 97913, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Ok so im just chillin in my room surfin GC like i always do when i hear the loudest noise ever, like a cruise ship horn and a chainsaw. So im flippin out thinking the house is gonna burn down, grabbin all my shit. haha.

    so my dad comes downstairs his eyes are beat fuckin red, and hes like holy crap what the fuck is that noise. and we figure out it was our fire dectector, came loose or something. anyway. im in the kitchen and he came downstairs and made a b line for the donuts. "man that noise really got my appetite going. *eats donut in one bite almost**and proceeds to try and say a full sentence with donut in his mouth* so i said dad what the hell did you just say. he stares at me, and starts cracking up.

    i go to my room, he goes upstairs. unfortunatly i have no bud, unlike him. hes getting baked upstairs and im stuck down here. :devious:
  2. Dad is bogarting his son? Craziness.
  3. That's crazy. Ask him to pack one.
  4. Hahah.

    But thas cold main, My fam's would never fuck with me like that. If i need tree its no questions asked here ya go type shit.
  5. well im sure it will get to that point eventually. i literally just found out he smoked mj. he hid it better than anyone else. but soon i will be blazing with my pops
  6. that is fuckin funny. haha your dad's a trip.
  7. The bitch won't share?
  8. lol.... Does he know you smoke? Does he know that you know he smokes?
  9. he knows i used to, and im sure he know i do now probaly. He definatly knows that i know he smokes. but the other day me and him went to white castle and got a shitload of food and he said "Man, we have all this food, and were not even baked.."

    i really didnt know what to say.. but i said "yeah, its a lot of food when your sober"

    so its kind of a dont ask dont tell thing. or he just looks the other way when i come home blitzed. i wouldnt mind smoking with him, i just think it would be kind of awkward.
  10. I blazed with my dad once. It was kind of awkward.. but at the same time hilarious. we trailed off in those typical random stoned conversations... and then stopped and said "what the fuck, we're smoking together!"

    It was pretty cool. Awkward to talk about when sober, but cool when we were doing it.
  11. Son of a bitch. And he didnt share with you!?
  12. Whhhat!? Dude. Sack up, walk into your dads room and tell that champ to smoke you out.
  13. And just where the fuck have you been?

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