funniest reason youve gotten fired

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  1. i havent ever been fired from a job because, well i guess i just do my work. but one time my friend got fired for throwing shrimp at a customer when he worked at a seafood restaurant. i thought that was hilarious.

    so there you go. whats the funniest reason youve ever gotten fired from a job for?
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    Got caught mixing my baby batter with the Arby's sauce.

    EDIT: I guess I have to make myself clear that this is a joke.
  3. It was a joke.

    I don't know if this is a common occurrence at your Arby's?

  4. That was a quick neg rep you didn't deserve..bummer lol
  5. Baby batter= poop?

    At first I thought you meant baby food, i was like wait thats not so dirty..why would he do that?
  6. Yea, it happens.

    Baby batter= semen
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    lol, it's a thread about funny reasons for getting fired and you get all butt hurt over a joke lololol

    I got fired for asking my 32 year old manager if she was down to fuck and then I pinched her butt. hahaha

    I look at it now, and I'm like why the fuck did I do something like that...
    but she was so fucking hot so I had to attempt.

    damn, sometimes I think about going back there to try to ask her out again :laughing:

    edit - it was a retail job so it didn't mean that much to me
  8. ^ Thats some good shit.

    I hope it wasn't a good paying job.

    I admire your courage.
  9. I stole a rotisserie chicken and ate it in the bathroom. I hadnt had breakfast and I was up since 8 and it was 2 in the afternoon. The chicken was definitely worth being broke as fuck though.
  10. While working at a resort

    Easiest job ever getting paid 9 bucks an hour to sit on the beach

    I got fired for calling the bosses children "hoodalums"

    if only those words hadnt come from my mouth
  11. I got fired because I went to a thanksgiving dinner that had 5 LBs of weed butter in all the food, instead of going to work.

    My boss calls, and my only answer was, "Dude, I'm fuckin blazed right now, I ain't comin in"
  12. OUCH.

    A mixture between Hooligans, and Hoodlums.

  13. He probably eats at arbys frequently lol. This didn't happen to me but one of my close friends got fired from the movies for blowing up on his boss. He related it to office space when Jennifer Aniston gets so sick of her job that she just says fuck it and cusses out the manager.
  14. Has anyone seen my red stapler?

    Milton is the man.
  15. "Fuck you, fuck you, YOUR cool, fuck YOU and im out" *Throws bagel at customers face and storms out*
  16. ahhh... office space. the classics.

    I was caught stealing like 20 bottles o brake fluid from a supermarket and fired. Well, I wasn't caught, someone fingered me to save themselves.

    My pickup has a leaky brake line and I had to drive it for a few days before I'd have time to do the job. I had to replace the line from the rear drums all the way to the master cylinders. :mad:
  17. A friend of mine worked at a sub shop and got fired for placing an order for one of our friends for a "cock meat sandwich". Sheer luck, or unluck that the manager saw it. Fired him right on the spot lol.
  18. i would plus rep you but it wont do anything, but yeah awesome movie quote :smoke::cool::smoke:
  19. ^^ lol....

    I got fired the first day I started to work at backyard burgers.... My friend had to give me a ride twice to work at friggin 9am in the summer... I had the 'wrong pants on" so I had to call him back up and get him to pick me up, take me back to my house and drop me back off... I figured he deserved to be smoked out for this. It was just schwag weed so I didn't think I'd get blazed or anything....

    lol fuck that job... They put me on the grill flippin burgers workin with only mexicans who spoke ONLY spanish... I couldn't understand a word coming from the dudes mouth that was training me...

    Got fired for "not being energetic enough".

    thats the only time I was ever fired... :wave:
  20. i had already put in my two weeks for this one so idk if it counts as getting fired. i used to work at a convenience store, making sandwiches and pizzas. idk if anyone else has ever had to "squeeze tuna out", but it involves industrial size cans of tuna fish and literally squeezing the the juices out of it to make tuna salad. after doing this, it is impossible to remove the smell without taking 3 or 4 showers, and i was to be picked up from work by my girlfriend. so i straight up told my boss i wasn't going to do it, and she told me to get the fuck out of the store and not come back. thinking back, fuckin bastards shorted me on my last check... :mad:

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