Funniest or most retarded thing you have said High

Discussion in 'General' started by Puow, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Im pretty sure the funniest most retarded thing i have ever said was "This shit develops like a peace cannon." I laugh every time i think about that. it makes no sense once so ever.

    I wanna read yours XD
  2. haha seriously? thats funny cuz i was out with my friends taking pictures with my kodak camera one day, and it only took 10 minutes for the photo to show after taking i said "This shit develops like a peace cannon." I laugh every time i think about that. it makes no sense once so ever.

    I wanna read yours XD
  3. I think that there's been numerous threads about this same topic

    I've never really said anything too crazy while high, but one of my friends on his second time smoking showed me a green tea Arizona bottle and was like " Look! It says come you!" haha, needless to say he was faded
  4. Dude your sig owns. Cigarettes controlling the population lol. I believe in that as well that the government allows tobacco use because it's deadly and doesn't allow cannabis use because its not deadly. We need to reduce the population. Hell I've been thinking of that theory over the last week!
  5. yea man i've came to that conclusion myself a couple weeks ago also.

    there is NO reason ciggarettes have so many harmful chemicals in them except to kill us off quicker. im glad you were enlightened
  6. number nine, kitchen only :smoking:
  7. one time i was blazed outta my mind, and me and my friends were crossing a lot to go get pizza, and I saw my uncle, he was like "Hey man" and I was like "Hey MArc (his name is Mike) how's the wife (he aint married)?" I think he took it as a joke cuz he just walked off laughing.
  8. haha now that i think of it, the most stupid thing ive ever said was probly
    "what is you??"
    i forget why i said it but i htink its because my friend said something really stupid so i was asking him if he was stupid but said "what is you?" instead.
    another thing was we went to see fired up high, and there is some cheer trick that is illegal, so the instructor says its "prohibabido" trying to say prohibited in spanish. so they were gonna do the cheer and then this kid yells "i thought that move was prohibibabido??" haha. it just cracks us up every time.
    or this one time me and my friend kyle were fixing his car (he doesnt know anything about them) and i was talking to the autozone guy about the o2 sensor, and he was saying how the car has 3 cats and that it was a bitch to work on then my friend kyle turns around and says "oh yeah it is! just kdding man, i have no clue what your talking about. i thought you were talking about animals" haha, it was really funny. just the way he said it.
    well that my 8.6 yen on the topic :smoking:
  9. i started smoking pot at 12,one of my first times i was siting in my older brother's room really really REALLY high because he just smoking a joint with me,his girlfriend and a few other friends of his.his girlfriend started talking about toe socks that she baught,and i was like "I want the rainbow colored ones" , and she goes "Scotty!,you did NOT just say you want toe socks did you?!"making me sound sooo was embarrassing as fuck but i didnt mean to say that.I was just out of my head on this weed and i meant to say i liked rainbow colored things in

  10. lol @ grasscity quoting not working.

    hate when that happens
  11. Well, I was high on LSD and pot, plus 3 oxy's. The room was completely quiet and I started singing the "NAAAA NAAA NA NANANA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" part of Hey Jude, and started rofl'ing uncontrollably. Best night ever, lol.
  12. "well think like, YOU are one in like six billion, so, you might as well fuck from behind yaknawdimeeean?

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