Funniest/ most Awkward situation youve ever been in...?

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  1. Alright i've looked around don't think I saw another thread like this so here it goes...
    What's the funniest or most awkward situation you've ever been in? Maybe something like somebody you thought that was going to snitch on you and some friends for toking and joined the circle with you, lol. Or maybe like a parent just catching you and but they just chuckle and walk away? Fire away fellow blades  :)  :smoking:

  2. what's urs lol
  3. this one time, I thought this guy was going to snitch on us, but he ended up joining our smoking circle
  4. One time me and my friend got a nice 1/4 to smoke, We usually smoke around town in chill spots etc, A place we love to go is a university (but we aren't students, it's just pretty chill) anyway we were sitting on a bench at the football pitch as usual not too many people around so we decided to spark this HUGE fatty that I rolled earlier....we were toking away having a great time when out of the corner of my eye i saw a high-vis jacket and I looked over on to see 2 cops walking towards us, I said "it's the cops sketch" so my friends cupped the J in his hand and i thought he put it out, I could hear them talking saying "jesus I can smell it from here" 

    We both started to shit bricks but tried to play it cool (HIGH AS FUCK at this point) so we started pretending to act casual talking about random shit and they came up to us and asked if  we were student here we said no, They then asked us what we are smoking and instantly my heart just sank and but I said nothing just having a fag, and then i noticed the J was still burning away and my friend was too baked to notice, they started asking us what that smell was etc we kept replying with "no idea" lol... my friend finally copped on and pinched it out and then one cop came back with the empty baggie we left behind and asked "are you sure this isn't yours" my friend started to freak out and I played it cool af and denied it to the ground, eventually they said " well we can't prove you were doing it" he then said "you should get some drops for your eyes son they are really red from all that weed" I kind of forced a chuckle out and said yeah sure they then came running back after us as we walked away handed us our bag of dorito's that left behind and said "can't be forgetting these in case you get the munchies" We both started laughing and we strolled around the block came back and sparked another one up and it couldn't have tasted any better  :smoke:  

    Not really a good story but it was hilarious at the time oh well! HAPPY SMOKING GUYS!  :yay:
  5. When my father caught me smoking in my backyard treehouse when i was around 13,  and i thought he would kill me, but he instead laughed, and asked how long have i been "toking" before, and ever since that day we have been both chill stoners.
  6. me and my friend smoked a bowl outside. we went inside to load another bowl and went back out. i accidentally locked the bottom lock on the door and didnt have my keys. there was an ounce sitting on the coffee table in the living room of my dads house while he was at work. i had to break the door open to get in. the bottom lock was basically useless and only the top lock worked after that. but the lock is fixed now, he never said anything to me. 
  7. Dude this is a great story hahaa if only my cops were like this :)
  8. back in high school we  where done with are bowl and about  firing up a bowl  near are high school in the woods. It on a path a dog came to us so we ran the dog follow us and his owner was just right behind him here it was one my friend's dad. ( FYI we did  not get caught ) Funny her dog lead dog her dad to us.
  9. Not really awkward, but since i always wonder whether the stupid shit/ crazy things that always happens whenever you're high but never when sober actually happens or whether it's just my imagination while being high, i started to record my highs to see if that stuff actually happens.. It does.
    On my way home after a smoking session with friends and still not being really sober i headed home at 2 o' clock midnight, when suddenly an unstable roadblock happens in the middle of nowhere caused by some drunk people earlier that night. Me being high was offcourse thinking "Oh shit, this thing is going collapse right on top of me. Oh sh*t wtf am i doing. Oh sh*t what is actually happening... blah blah blah". When a security guard randomly pops up out of nowhere and helped me remove the roadblock. Don't mind my crappy taste in music. ;-)

  10. Don't know if this counts, but I am going to my aunts house for thanksgiving and I just smoked a bong of medical sour and took a shower, at my house before going, (my mom is driving and my uncle in the front seat.) One of the people going there, is my moms cousin, Miriam. She asked my sister (who we are about to pick up from college cause she's home for the weekend) for weed lol, and she caught me high as fuck and she just stood there, she wanted to ask me for "pot" hahah but she didn't, (I was dying!).

    Anyways, gotta go.. I'll post the outcome when I come back at like 10 before I smoke and go Black Friday shopping :p.

    BTW, this hot girl is going and she's 22, which is my lucky number, (I'm 18) and she told my sis last year she thought I was hot hahaha I'll see where that goes.

    Peace For Mankind

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  11. My dad was supposed to be gone for the night so I smoked a j with my friend ! , It was some crazy next dimension high ! .... I walked passed my house and convinced myself that my dad was home and started to panic ! So I ran around outside about an hour after my friend went home trying desperately to not be high , decided fuck it and I walked home ... No sign of my dad's car
    No one is home , 5 minutes later sister comes in with pizza a full pizza for me ! It was extremely cold out aswell hahahaha

  12. In college, I worked in a clothing store in Boulder and one weekend we were having a sidewalk sale. A very good customer of mine came by and we were chatting outside. Down the mall, this beautiful girl was walking towards us with a full set of double Ds. I said 'damn...look at the juggies on that bitch!' guessed was the dude's wife!
  13. Me and my friend were toking in the woods. Suddenly we see a man with a badge on his shirt running towards us. My friend tosses his one hitter in the lake and starts turns out to be a old man with a badge design on his shirt taking a jog......

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