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Funniest Ideas

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fumagakure, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Post your Funniest ideas that were elaborated and actually made sense at the time! Aha

    welp the one me and my cousin somehow spawned was what if you adopted about a dozen or so short people (juss cuz I feel weird saying midgets...even thoe I juss said it) as babies * Hold that thought* Then bought about 5 or more acres of land and built like a castle in the middle of your land.And you took these short peeps and raised them as if it were the middle ages....You Could Be KING! of the short people atleast aha well it was basically fullproof at the moment because like how would they ever know the outside world? I mean not in a form of torture or hostage like intentions,juss as a small kingdom :eek: *Think about it* lol
    Well that was our Funny Idea that made sense at the moment

  2. well this would be a non-cult? I mean that's why I said in a non torture like manner.Juss a chill kingdom where you can be king,smoke herb with your loyal subjects and play Xbox/Ps3 :)
  3. well, you would intentionally be holding them back from seeing the real world

    but i can see myself laughing my ass off if a friend came up with that idea while we were smoking haha
  4. ^why is everyone so butthurt? OP I thought your midget kingdom idea was equally brilliant and funny.

    As for myself, yesterday I thought of a business venture where I would open a shoe store selling styrofoam platform shoes, and the store would have a 'you break it you buy it' policy. So whenever people would try on a pair of the shoes they would break them and be forced to buy them! Muhaha I'd be rich
  5. Thanks for your response! :p that's an amazing idea haha I'm jealous,that's so genius !

    "When all is lost;Is when we're found"

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