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  1. I couldn't find a thread for people sharing there funny stories while high so i made this one.

    Okay, so one of the funniest stories I have while being high was at a redneck party in a little ass town. It was just a small get together, but one of the guys there happened to slang. I wasn't planning on smoking but one of my friends was like "if you drive to the ATM i'll smoke you up", so of course i said yea. We go get the ganj money and we couldn't roll blunts so one of the guys there rolls it up for us. He's cool for that. No one else really likes to smoke there so it's just me and my dude killing this whole blunt. I was baked. Everything was funny as hell but i was unresponsive baked haha. To the point where you can't focus well but i was enjoying the shit out of it. I remember someone bringing in bags of breaded catfish and frog legs (that was the kind of party i was at). I wasn't even hungry but i ate like three catfish. It was delicious as hell, and i'm not a big fish fan but it hit all my spots just right. On the side, i was dancing to every song that came on. I actually dance a lot when i'm high. The best part of the story though is when i was trying to play beer pong with the dude i smoked with but there was another guy who wanted to play. So him and i start arguing but i'm fried so I can barely keep up with the conversation. I'm one word replying him and he's getting frustrated and i'm dying laughing, I know i was to stoned to play haha. So he starts to pick up that i'm baked and he's like "are you, are you baked right now?" I just bust out in laughter, I can't even control it. "no you're not playing, go sit down" he says to me and me being still on planet nine goes and sits back down and just kept eating catfish all while still laughing my ass off at the fact I was so gone.
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  2. Got really stoned with a few buddies. One of em gets up and starts lookin for his smokes. He's got a cig in his mouth, one in his right hand, and the whole fuckin pack in the other, and he's gettin mad and swearin cause he can't find em. Myself and the other friend were wheezing and crying laughing.
  3. you couldnt find another thread where people share funny stories that occurred while high? really!!?!!?!?!?!?
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  4. one time I was at my buddies house and we rolled up a joint each and smiled them then put on a stand up comedie show and then muted that shit... I was so baked it took me a solid 10 minutes to figure it out.
  5. smoked them*

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