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  1. A few months ago, i was in English class with my friend (we will call him "bob") who just started smoking and had a low tolerance. Bob was talking to me about weed and i had the greatest thought: we would get high in class. Of course we couldn't smoke at school, or any time during school because the security is pretty tight and there is no way we are getting off campus during school hours. However, my dealer had recently started selling brownies so this was a golden opportunity. We also knew we wouldn't get caught being high, as our English teacher is real laid back and the class is easy.

    The next day, I buy 2 brownies for $20 and gave one to Bob during lunch, which was right before English class. We each ate one, and before i continue i will say this: these brownies were fire as fuck. So we just chill for the rest of the lunch period, not feeling anything at all. Bob started to get mad cause he thought i gave him a fake brownie but i just told him to calm the fuck down. So we eventually go to class and sit together, doing some easy classwork not much else cause it was a chill ass Friday. Then all of a sudden it hits me.

    I look up at Bob and he looks at me, eyes red and everything. (I might remind u that Bob has a fairly low tolerance, has only been high a few times). So we proceed to laugh our asses off for the next 3 minutes simply at the fact of how fucking high we are. Eventually we calm down and i get a good look at him, dude is high as fuck. I am easily at a [6], Bob is probably a [9]. so we are just chilling now, he can barely talk because of how high he is. I say "How's it going bob?" he just looks up, smiles, and goes back to reading. Then the trippiest thing happens. Well for those of you in high school, you may know about how the administrators (Principal, Assistant Principal, Douchebags) sometimes walk in the class randomly for a few mins to check on the class just see whats going on. Well of all fucking times it could happen, they walk in when we are high as a kite.

    Of course Bob is freaking out but I've been in worse situations so i do my best to remain calm and get Bob to chill the fuck out and just look at his paper. They walk around the class for a minute, and as they walk by us, the principal says "How's it going?" (Déjà vu right?). I just look at him, smile and give him a thumbs up and he walks away. The administrators then just walk out. Biggest sigh of relief of 2016 lol. After that, me and Bob just hang out until the end of the period. Pretty funny experience in hindsight, but ill definitely be more careful about being high in school.

    What are your experiences with weed in school? I'm sure u guys have some interesting stories, as this forum never disappoints :) Have a great day!
  2. Soph or Junior?
  3. Before school me and my friends decided to get high, thing is once we got to the park we realized we had two bowls worth, but didnt have any means to smoke it. luckily i had one paper i had in my bag by coincidence and once i rolled that shit. we found out we had no lighter and by the chance of god noticed and one of my other friends walked up and he was the knight in shining armor and had a lighter and we proceeded to blaze
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    I miss highschool lol I remember once we popped the lock to the auditorium (it was shared by 4 schools that were Connected to us so it was BIG) by 5 of us pulling the door at once we was smoking bowls backstage running around till NYPD school safety came they basically chased us around the auditorium I climbed on the catwalk and hid up there my friend hid inbetween the curtains we never got caught however the other 3 did and got suspended for 7 days 2 for the weed and 5 for trespassing

    If I could relive high school again I would in a heartbeat the best memories came from there

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