funniest guy of the evening

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 11, 2003.


did anyone else catch the show?

  1. critter

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  2. critter2

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  3. its like when the kids ask who mom loves best!

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  1. you are the man ;) lol :)
  2. When is Critter not in a good mood? Even when you're in a bad mood, it's still a rather good one, Critter! I just hate that I missed the show!
  3. You carn't expect any thing else from critter!
  4. what show what show!
  5. lol it was good. i guess around (lol, yeah like I remember, and I dont critter does either LOL) 5am ish critter went to town on the city! the lastest post page had critter name through the bottom of the page and critter2 rounding out the top. lol, you did have a good time last night! lol, in case *you* dont remember! :)
  6. Hahahha critter on the loose.

    He's a good man!
  7. I just have to say that critter is always the man and thats why I love him so damn much!!!!!!! He always makes me smile with his witty sense of humor but I have to say that I love Bud Head as well because he has his moments. Hell, what can I say.............I love all of ya'll here!!!!!!!!!

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