Funniest experience with weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nickyamoto, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I want to hear some of your stories of the funniest thing you have ever done high or involving weed!

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  2. We were listening to Pink Floyd and I was absolutely fucking blazed... my friend Kyle looks at my friend Angelo, and says, "I wonder what he would do if we turned it off." And they did and I shouted "You bastards, I was waiting for the worms!" And I started crying and cuddling with a paper towel roll, and then I sobbed, "WHY AM I CRYING... I'M SO HAPPY..."

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  3. I got my cousin to smoke with me, and since it was his first time and he got super stoned he wasn't sure how to handle the feeling. He wanted to stand up because when he was laying on the couch he said "it feels like I'm tied down its so hard to move." And my step dad was in the room watching TV with us, so when my cousin got tired of standing he went to sit down but missed the couch and fell on the ground. He layed there until he fell asleep.
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    When I thought I was an expert on bud and took like .4 g with me when I went over my cousins house to skate all weekend. We smoked through a banana but i made it in a manner that got my bud wet from the banana and so it was hard to get successful hits but it was a chill experience
  5. this post had my dieingg hahahhahahhahahhaha

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  6. I was chillin at a friend's high as hell. And his dog humped his leg! He was pissed
  7. Who the fuck smoke through a banana? lol

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  8. Gotta be one of the first times around 13-14 they were always fun, smoking with mates in summer... Makes me depressed thinking about how little responsibility you needed back then.
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  9. I once smoked through a raw potato.
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  10. It works well haha if made right. Its called "the curious George".
  11. my first time playing the 'what?huh?' game
  12. After 5 bong rips of some friends dank, I laid on the floor for three hours, they asked if I was ok because I just laid there awake yet like I was dead. It was really good stuff.
  13. Well it included weed but she was drunk too. We were up in my friends movie room and had a few people spending the night (about 8 people) cause they were all too drunk to leave the party. Well his girl was super drunk and stoned out of her mind and laid down holding her hands across her chest laying like Snow White and said "hey guys look I'm Snow White" and than went silent and after about 30 seconds of trying to wake her we realized she was passed the fuck out. It was high-larious.

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