funniest/craziest random thing u thought of high

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Feb 21, 2009.

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    mouthwash in a baby bottle. :laughing:

    i dont even kno why thats funny.....but i jus gettin the image of an infant chuggin it
  2. a baby in a mouthwash bottle

  3. if the universe was just a place in my energy drink.

  4. [ame=""]YouTube - Richard Feynman - The Universe in a Glass of Wine[/ame]
  5. :eek:the whole world is just a science experiment:confused:
  6. Me too!!! like humans grow lil experiments of bacteria and that.. so like what if our universe is just one small experiment in a dish being watched by someone/thing else.. and one day they might decided to just throw away the
  7. if only i could remember. :smoke:
  8. that there were gazelles... and they were going to get me.:confused::eek::poke:
  9. you and me both..:smoking:
  10. I guess this was pretty bad haha me and my buddy cracked up about it for the longest time in my car yesterday.

    Apparently all the girls I meet turn out to be ugly and crazy. I was like oh yeah well then where do you expect me to pick up women? Bars? So he says to me, "Clubs man"

    Heres the best part. I actually said this, "Yeah but dude, only sluts go to the clubs"

    hes like yeah man that's the fucking point! We laughed our asses off. This isn't really a thought though but oh well.

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